Judge: Parents bigots for opposing 'gay' lessons

Families grilled about religious beliefs, church sermons against homosexuality

**A judge has attacked parents, suggesting they are bigots for seeking to opt-out their elementary-age children from a mandatory controversial pro-homosexual curriculum, according to a non-profit law firm.

The parents were represented in California’s Alameda Superior Court by Pacific Justice Institute. On Dec. 1, Judge Frank Roesch denied a motion to allow them to have their children excused from the lessons.

According to the group, Roesch blasted the parents for seeking enforcement of a provision of the California Education Code that gives parents a right to opt their kids out of health education.

Education Code Section 51240 allows a parent to have a student excused from instruction, “If any part of a school’s instruction in health conflicts with the religious training and beliefs of a parent or guardian of a pupil.”**

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I’m not old enough to have children yet, but if I was blessed to have a child (children), when I’m older, I wouldn’t want my children to have lessons mentioned in this article. Not because I’m a homophobe or a bigot, but because I don’t think it’s the job of a school (state), to teach children these things. It’s a family issue.

I guess we really need to turn to prayer when the state engages in social engineering.
Pray for guidance as to the best actions we can take as individuals and a Church.

Over the years I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard people say that they are “tired of having Catholic/Christian values pushed down their throats.” What about these so-called progessive ideas? :mad:

“Homophobia”. That word itself is an example of being indoctrinated. People have real phobias: fear of heights, flying, enclosed places ( :eek: ) etc.
To apply this to a real disagreement with any issue is under-handed.

For a judge to enforce the indoctrination of children to practices that we know are against Church teaching is inexcusable.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

It’s not only a family issue, but a freedom of religion issue. I think that the judge is a bigot for not allowing parents to opt their children out of these lessons. They’re allowed to opt them out of sex education, but not homosexual education? It makes no sense.

He said that it’s because, “People are born that way,” but there’s no scientific proof of that. In fact, there’s more proof that it’s more psychological than physical. However, no one ever hears that point of view because the gay community won’t allow people to advertise that there are, in fact, ex-gays. They say that trying to change them is psychologically harmful, but there’s no scientific proof of that. The American Psychological Association agrees with the gay agenda’s point of view. However, there have been scientific studies that have been successful in gay re-orientation. Here are some sites and articles on it:

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays
Take a look at their resources, articles, news alerts, and brochures. They have EXCELLENT resources on the subject!

Exodus International
An inter-religious community helping those who are gay to change. They also have excellent resources on the subject

The Homosexual Condition: Can It Be Changed? Prevented?

Answering Advocates of Gay Marriage

Healing of Homosexual Attractions

Faith said to change sexual orientation

Video: Psychologists Find People Can Leave Homosexuality

Book: Ex-Gays? A Longitudinal Study of Religiously Mediated Change in Sexual Orientation
Authors: Mark A Yarhouse, Stanton L. Jones

What is the Success Rate? – Guest Post by Brad Sargent

A New Therapy on Faith and Sexual Identity:
Psychological Association Revises Treatment Guidelines to Allow Counselors to Help Clients Reject Their Same-Sex Attractions

The Ex-Gay Movement: History, Psychology and Politics-A Tolerant Perspective

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Banned: Ex-Gay Books

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The 30-year-old ministry now offers realistic hope for homosexuals.

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Atheist psychiatrist argues that gays can change.

If this is true that this code is in place that judge needs to be excused from the bench for allowing his ideology to interfere with the law.

I’m all for anti-bullying curricula, especially if they teach that Christians are people, too, and should be treated with respect even if you disagree with them.

Let’s be realistic here.
Teach elementary students that Christians should be treated with respect??

Seriously though, PaulinVA,
Good point.

It’s not ‘tolerate thy neighbor’, it’s ‘love thy neighbor’. And part of loving is sharing the Catholic faith! :slight_smile:

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