Judge: Priest's role in telemed-abortion vote was OK


A prominent Catholic priest who serves on the Iowa Board of Medicine did nothing improper by participating in a vote to ban use of a telemedicine abortion system, a judge has ruled.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland contended that Msgr. Frank Bognanno played “an outsized role” in last year’s medical board decision.

Planned Parenthood’s lawyer noted in court filings that Bognanno had previously helped lead anti-abortion efforts. The lawyer also noted that before he was named to the medical board in 2012, the priest participated in objections to the board about Planned Parenthood’s telemedicine system.



Interesting article, thanks for posting it.



Yes, it was an interesting article. The local TV news coverage didn’t mention that opposition to Fr. Bognanno had been a central element of the appeal.

Here is the full ruling, in case anyone is interested:



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