Judge rejects Electoral College injunction in Colorado: ‘A political stunt’


Around 5 p.m., U.S. District Judge Wiley Y. Daniel denied a temporary restraining order and an injunction to stop Colorado from enforcing a state law that says electors must vote for the presidential candidate who won the state.

The injunction and restraining order were part of a landmark lawsuit, brought by two Colorado electors, both Democrats, that seeks to declare the state law unconstitutional. The electors are former Democratic Sen. Polly Baca and Colorado Springs math teacher Bob Nemanich.



Pretty much.:rolleyes:


I’m sure if Hillary had won and some Republican ex-senators were try this these two would be among the first to cry foul.


Totally agree. As a registered Democrat, I say move on already.


I will be glad when Dec. 19th comes and goes. They are working hard to get the electors to vote for someone other than Trump.

I am glad this judge ruled the way he did. Finally, a judge with courage to stand up to
these people.


Yes. The judge made the obviously correct ruling to deny a temporary restraining order; telling them if they don’t like the state law - fight to change that.

There are still pending federal cases. So this scheming attempt at undermining the elections isn’t completely over.


After the Electoral College gets finished on Dec 19, the results are then codified in the House of Representatives. The House majority is Republican.

Get over it! Leave on the field and go on with life! Christ is still King!


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