Judge Rules for Pro-Life Girls Shackled, Strip Searched

Judge Rules for Pro-Life Girls Shackled, Strip Searched

Bel Air, MD – A federal judge has ruled in favor of pro-life advocates, including college-aged girls, who were shacked and strip searched after peacefully protesting abortion in Maryland in 2008. The multi-faceted case has been ongoing for years and some of the defendants have settled.


Amen to that

What I find as a travesity is that no charges were filed against the arresting officers who acted so wrongly and a civil trial is going forward only for monetary recompense, and that the initial charges were dropped and lesser charges were filed. This is some sort of justification by the county to back up their sworn officers. If the same action was taken against women who were pro-abortion there would have been more said.

What I would like to know is why the initial strip search was done in a parking lot and the second was done in a bathroom with the door open in full view of other male officers.

Those officers were acting like perverts, but they have the badges and are seldom question or chastised for their offenses no matter how minor or major unless it is shocking or agrevious.

Just today in my area we had an officer arrested for assisting in an underaged prostitution ring. Sure they have a dangerous job and I was once a sworn officer while I was working my way through college after service but I still have to question what I see current serving officer doing today. It’s just not right and this action wasn’t.

I think that the correct word you were searching for was schackled and not shacked. Its a whole different meaning than what you were trying for. :smiley:

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