Judge says 'not yet' to changing transgender teen's name



Ok. Such official changes can wait until adulthood then. Seems sensible.


I couldn’t care less about the name change, but there really should to be something better for these kids than ruining their physical health in order to help them cope with their mental health.

Maybe if society (including the Church) did a better job accepting them for who they are, they would be happy as God created them.

If it were my daughter, I’d try reframing her identity by saying , “Lucky you, you are just like Adam before God removed the part that became Eve!” It may not work, but I would try.


Especially because she only started feeling this way last year…


But it seems the prerequisites for the “change” are already underway. Not sure how I feel about such attempts to “cancel” one’s puberty in favor of another gender’s.


Honestly this scares the carp out me.

How is it that we don’t trust teenagers enough to get married or run for office or even rent a steam-cleaner, but trust them enough to choose mutilating and body changing drugs.

I mean, they can’t even have a Tylenol or Tums at school without parental permission …



I have a transgender daughter (male to female). People here have no idea the suffering that the transgendered endure. The Church needs a better approach to ministering to them.

I think God gave us (her parents) this challenge so we can learn how to love unconditionally.


Thank you for sharing. I can’t imagine the suffering your child endures or how hard it must be for you to see her unhappy, but I believe it when people say it’s bad. I truly pray that God continues to bless you and your family, and that in learning to love unconditionally, you will give your child what she needs to feel valuable in a world that may react to her with hostility simply for who she is, even though she has done nothing to deserve it.

I honestly don’t know what to make of the Church’s response to transgender people. I read the letter on the USCCB website, and given what we know about genetics and gender, the theological argument they make based on Genesis looks more like something you’d find on a young earth creationism site, than something produced by a Church that prides itself on a tradition of contemplating the truth using both faith and reason.

On the other hand, I totally agree with their pastoral statement that:

A person’s discomfort with his or her sex, or the desire to be identified as the other sex, is a complicated reality that needs to be addressed with sensitivity and truth. Each person deserves to be heard and treated with respect; it is our responsibility to respond to their concerns with compassion, mercy and honesty. As religious leaders, we express our commitment to urge the members of our communities to also respond to those wrestling with this challenge with patience and love.

What I do not agree with is the premise that God created a binary world just because it says in Genesis that God created them “male and female”, because even if you take the text seriously, that wasn’t the original design for Adam. Was the original Adam a mistake? I have a hard time believing that at the height of creation, God made an “oops” and later had to fix it. So when I contemplate the world using both faith and reason, I come to the conclusion that while most people are binary, some are clearly not. The ones who are not shouldn’t be forced into one role or another. They should be allowed to be as God created them to be, both male and female.

So, for me I guess it boils down to what is and is not a sin. Insulting God by ruining your health in order to alter the body he gave you is a sin. What name you choose, clothes you wear, hair-cut you like, and bathroom you use are arbitrary social conventions and not a sin. If a person wants to be called “she” instead of “he” that’s not big deal, but getting angry at being misgendered when someone uses the wrong pronoun is unwarranted, because God is not offended when we refer to “him” even though technically “he” is neither male nor female.

Those are my thoughts. My apologies if they are more than you wanted!


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