Judge who asked woman why she couldn't keep knees together resigns


A Canadian federal judge who asked a woman in a rape trial why she couldn’t keep her knees together resigned Thursday after a disciplinary council recommended he be removed from the bench.

Judge Robin Camp stepped down before Canada’s Parliament could act on the recommendation.
Camp argued that “unconscious bias” was to blame for the offending comments. In addition to asking the 19-year-old why she didn’t keep her knees together to fend off her alleged attacker, he also asked her why she didn’t “skew her pelvis” to avoid penetration.


It reminds me of an Italian Judge from about 20 years ago who said a woman wearing jeans could not be raped.

It’s not “pro-life” to make light of rape (which is curiously under sexual offenses in the Catechism when it’s an act of violence), so good to see this judge go.

I agree

Sadly, I fell that the concept of “blaming the victim” is alive and well in our society. It reminds me of a slightly related case where a judge ruled that a boy could not be found guilty of forced sodomy if the girl was unconscious at the time the act occurred.

Yeah when we think we’re at a point where women are being accorded equal rights and protections in the west, something like this or that Polish EU minister who thinks women shouldn’t be paid as much as men, pop up to remind us we still have a long way to go.

Wow. Just…*wow. *

If that judge had a gun pointed at him, as I did, I’ll bet he’d pull his jeans off in a hurry. Men can be SO dense about the violence of rape!

I didn’t talk about the rape for years because of the people who asked, “Why didn’t you fight more?” Right - do I look like someone who can dodge bullets?


We agree that this is terrible and treating women like second class citizens. Yet we have people advocating for the US to accept 100s of thousands of refugees with this exact mindset and, I don’t know, expect all that to change when they hit American soil. Boggles the mind!

So all Muslims are rapists now - just as Mexicans are apparently rapists. Good to know.

FYI, 67% of Syrian refugees are children under the age of 12 and women. If you want a representative of the average refugee, it won’t be an adult man with a bomb strapped to his chest who goes around raping American girls - it’ll be a young, helpless child.

:hug1: I’m so sorry that you suffered thru that.


Hugs, Bonnie. You have more strength in your little toe than this jerk has in his entire body.

Let’s not turn this thread into yet another contentious US politics thread. Refugees are not even mentioned in the article and this happened in Canada.

So am I, Bonnie. :hug1:

These types of attitudes are appalling, and have no place in justice systems, as well as in the rest of society.


Now I didn’t say that did I? I said they have the mindset that women are second class citizens. Do read more carefully before you fly off the handle! :wink:

I see you’re still swallowing the lie that Trump said all Mexicans are rapists. No wonder you flew off the handle!

Please, can we stop derailing this thread and mentioning Trump? As AClaire11 said, this thread isn’t even about America.



How could someone even think like that?

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