When we die will we be judged immediately? I have always prayed “He will come to judge the living and the dead”. Will we be judged twice?

Yes. At the moment we die we will experience the “particular judgment” at which Christ will judge us and we will either be admitted into heaven (usually via purgatory) or hell. During this time we will not have our physical bodies.

At the end of time, there will be the general judgment of all, at which time our gloried bodies will be reunited with us. This is what is referred to in the Creed (He will come to judge the living and the dead…" and “I believe in the resurrection of the body…”)

From the CCC:

1021 Death puts an end to human life as the time open to either accepting or rejecting the divine grace manifested in Christ.592 The New Testament speaks of judgment primarily in its aspect of the final encounter with Christ in his second coming, but also repeatedly affirms that each will be rewarded immediately after death in accordance with his works and faith. The parable of the poor man Lazarus and the words of Christ on the cross to the good thief, as well as other New Testament texts speak of a final destiny of the soul–a destiny which can be different for some and for others.593

1022 **Each man receives his eternal retribution in his immortal soul at the very moment of his death, in a particular judgment **that refers his life to Christ: either entrance into the blessedness of heaven-through a purification594 or immediately,595 – or immediate and everlasting damnation.596

Thank you Christus.

So far as judgment is concerned, the Catholic philosopher Blaise Pascal advised that we should always live as if we had eight hour left to live.

Never let a mortal sin rot your soul longer than it takes to get to confession.

The OP asks 2 questions:
[1] "When we die will we be judged immediately? I have always prayed “He will come to judge the living and the dead”.
[2] Will we be judged twice?"

So, you are asking, when we die, will our soul be judged in the next few seconds … OR, a month later … OR, longer than that?
In this Universe we have a thing called TIME. As we live our lives, time clicks forward. One second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds … one Year, 10 years … one Millennium, 5 Millenniums . . .
But, the Afterlife is NOT part of the Universe. And, Heaven is not part of the Universe.

Because of this, man does NOT know if there is such a thing as TIME in those other existences.
So, the quick-and-easy answer is: There is no such thing as “immediately” when there is no time.
Therefore, to entities in Heaven, there may not any difference between one day … and 1000 years.
Will man be judged immediately? . . . it seems NOT.

[2] " Will we be judged twice?"
What do you mean by this question?
There is a Chapter in Revelation which refers to the so-called “White Throne Judgment.”
Is this what are referring to?
If so, I will give my thoughts about it.

You are correct that heaven and hell exist outside of time. However, purgatory is temporal and therefore certain aspects of the afterlife do exists within time. I think that the Catechism is clear that when we die we will be **immediately **judged in our particular judgment and sent to our eternal state, and that the general judgment is something distinct from our particular judgment. (See my earlier post on this thread for the excerpt from the CCC)

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