Judgemental protestants?

I’ve met judgemental people from different faiths. I have a Jewish friend who is very judgemental. I have a Muslim friend who can be judgemental. And I know a lot of Catholics who are judgemental. Same with Protestants.

As for not fitting in, I think we all feel this way at points in our lives, regardless of our surroundings.


Honestly one thing I hate about the protestant churches is that they all have different rules and interpret the bible differently and it gets really frustrating sometimes.

Do they? To be honest, to me differences from one Protestant church to another are very blurry.

And sometimes, having a wife and a 20 year old daughter and a 16 year old daughter, I feel like I don’t fit in in my own family. :grin: :slightly_smiling_face: :neutral_face: :pensive:

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Oh yeah they do. Theology the Eucharist baptism, etc. Every church will have different beliefs. Thays one thing that is very attractive to me about the catholic church. It was very confusing to me as a child, trying to know who is right.

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If you have issues with the Protestant churches the best thing might be to go to a Catholic Mass, if you haven’t already. You might prefer the the atmosphere, liturgy and doctrine.

Wherever you go and whatever faith you belong to you will find people judgemental. What you do not say is how they are being judgemental. There is a possibility you are being over sensitive to valid things people may say.

Yes, very much so.

Yup. Sadly, I agree.

I am a cradle Catholic. I love the Catholic Church. But we’re all sinners, and you’ll find the judgemental ones everywhere, I think; at St. Mary’s as well as 1st Bible Christian.

That said, whatever church you may be in, say a prayer for those people and give them a little grace.

It took me awhile, but I remember getting irked when someone (older) would give me stink eye if my kids fussed during mass and I couldn’t get them out easily or at all. Then it hit me that I had no idea what was going on with that person; or what kind of day they might be having.

I’ve noticed this to be the case in the Protestant Churches i was a part of. I still see some of it in the Catholic Church as well, just to a lesser degree. For example, the RCC has a elderly population. When you volunteer they tend to expect you to be there all the time like they are – not really taking into consideration that you still have a job and stuff to do in life. They don’t seem to get that you are not retired like they are. And if you aren’t there all the time, they shun you and i can just imagine the judgemental stuff going through their minds.

It is the human condition and you will experieince it everywhere.

What you will experience only in the Catholic Church is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ.

The only time that I have felt out of place was in a church where the pastor was denying its own church body’s doctrinal confessions. I felt I had to leave when things got to a point that I could no longer justify excuses that I could be misunderstanding what he was teaching (or in this case, not teaching). At that point I left and found a Church where I felt the pastor is faithful to our confessions. Not sure what your leanings are doctrinally. On a personal level I have always felt that I was well received by the churches I have belonged to, or even just visited.

Ive only been a few times so I still dont know much abiut the church and mass

That is what causes splits. Everyone in on their own to intrepid the Bible. When groups don’t agree they split. I think there are 30,000 denominations in the US!

I know right. The older I get the more it drives me crazy. I never became catholic just because I didnt know much about it. They more I find out the morw I like it. I may be a closet catholic I’m not sure.

Well come out of the closet. Join an RCIA class at a local parish.

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Lol, I think I’m going to look into the classes


It’s pretty much a human thing. Part of the fallen nature of man.

However, some of the Protestant theologies you will find out there have a much more judgmental bent to them.

I feel like some of the issue is the homosexuality debate. I feel like acting on it is a sin and plthere are some churchea that feel its perfectly fine even to the point of being a pastor or leader. and from what I know the catholoc cathecism says it is a sin so I guess that’s one thing I envy about the caotholic church.

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