Judgemental protestants?

I don’t know what you mean by judgmental, but if you mean “nosey” and “get in my business”, yeah. I agree that’s a Protestant thing that irks me to death.

If you like a Church where you can sit in the pew and be invisible, welcome to the Catholic Church. Although, lately, some seem to think that the Protestant thing is cool and they’re trying to imitate it. But it’s hard to change culture and most Catholic Church’s are still good places to remain anonymous.

Is that what you meant?

You may be subconsciously reacting to a fundamental hypocrisy in protestantism. That is they deny any universal authority and claim personal authority to interpret Scripture, but act as if they have the right answer and others are wrong. It’s always baffled me. You’d think if they really believed in personal authority that they would live and let live rather than judge everybody else’s interpretations.

I don’t think it is quite fair to say Protestants "deny any universal authority and claim personal authority to interpret Scripture. " That statement negates itself. What do you think Scripture is to the Protestant sector if not the universal authority?

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Yes, judgemental people exist all over the world, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.

Welcome to the human species!

I think the judgmental thing is just people being people. I am not saying it is right. I am saying that people like to talk about others. We, all, need to working on being better and not trying to judge others.

You just nailed it. Thats exactly how I feel.

Anyone can be judgmental, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, atheist, Muslim, Jewish, etc.


I think Evangelicals, too.

Yes, that is my judgement…lol

My parish has home groups. Though it is not popular, many do attend.

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