Judgementalism vs Admonishment

I’m sure this has been discussed before and I apologize if it has but can someone explain this to me with examples.

I mean how do explain to someone you may have just admonished that you’re not judging them?

Thank you.

This may help.


That link explains it well. It’s a common situation where the person is throwing the ‘Do not judge’ line in front of the bus as a giant speed bump to deflect the conversation. They say ‘do not judge’ but what they really mean is ‘I’m not going to the doctor’. If you’ve explained it once and then explained it twice and you’re not getting anywhere, then heed the teaching of Christ and Paul and shake the dust off your feet and let it go. Their soul currently isn’t in a position to move and you’ll end up exasperating both them and yourself. As Christ informs us, the event will either be a seed that will move them at a later date, or it will be presented at Judgement as a testimony against them. We plant and water, but God makes things grow.

“‘Who art thou that judgest another man’ s servant? To his own lord he standeth or falleth.’ (Rom 14:4) They do not understand that this was said to men who were wishing to judge, not of open facts, but the hearts of other men.” (St. Augustine; On Baptism - Against the Donatists, 2, 7)

Yes it did very much, thanks! and also to the other posters

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