Judge's Ruling Against Sex-Ed Program Grabs National Eye

Fox News 5/9/05

Washington-A judge’s order on Thursday evening to halt a new public school sex-education curriculum in the affluent suburbs of Washington, D.C., could have significant ramifications throughout the rest of the country.

A group of parents took their opposition to the sex-ed courses to court last week, arguing that they depicted homosexuality as a natural and morally correct lifestyle and did not offer any contrary opinion.

“This has national significance because Montgomery County is a wealthy, influential school district and the lid has been ripped off an agenda that has crept into schools nationwide,” said Robert Knight, director of the Culture & Family Institute (search), an affiliate of the conservative organization Concerned Women for America.

“This shows that parents, even in a very liberal area, can fight back and win,” Knight added, noting that he knew of no other case in the country where a sex-ed program has been restrained by a federal judge.

But others say U.S District Judge Alexander Williams Jr.‘s decision to grant a temporary restraining order against the Montgomery County Public Schools’ pilot sex-ed program for 8th- and 10th-graders is a blow to efforts to give students access to a broad, fact-based health curriculum.

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I am encouraged to see that parents are getting involved properly when their children’s morality is at stake. Unfortunately, we are led to believe that we are hostile to others when we do not pander to everyone. Jesus said, love the sinner, hate the sin which leads us to draw a fine line when we stand up on moral issues. We appear as if we are intolerant of others, but in reality we are intolerant of the sin against God and others.


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