Judge's Ruling Makes Connecticut Second State Now Allowing Gay Marriage

Judge’s Ruling Makes Connecticut Second State Now Allowing Gay Marriage

Just another reason NOT to move to CT!

Pray for the Judges that made this decision.
:gopray2: :gopray2:

Protect us Lord from judges that don’t judge but make moral decisions for us.:knight2: :knight2: :knight2:

Wonderful news…one state at a time…California’s Prop 8 looks like it isn’t going to stand…with more states granting full civil rights to gay and lesbian couples…it’s just a matter of time for all states to grant it…one state at a time.

Thanfully, I believe you’re right. History shows that you while progress can be slow when it comes to granting equality under the law, things do move forward. :thumbsup:

If California can do it, anyone can. Time for the amendment.

It’s not progress. It’s two corrupt judges making up Law again. Homo marriage is impossible by definition.

Not in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

And those countries that supported same sex issues in our historical past are no longer countries. History repeats for those that do not learn.

Claiming that acceptance of homosexuality is what caused the downfall of previous civilizations and countries is like the scientist who conducted an experiment with a frog…Beginning the scientist yelled…“Jump”…the frog jumped…so he cut off one of the front legs and then yelled “Jump”…the frog jumped again…so the scientist cut off a hind leg…and yelled “Jump”…again it jumped…so he cut off the other front leg and yelled…“Jump”…and it jumped…then he cut off the other back leg and yelled…“Jump”…the frog didn’t jump…so the scientist determined…“If one cuts all the legs off of a frog…it becomes deaf.”

Even now God is composing an apology to the city of Sodom for past intolerances.

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