Judging others

Without going into details, I was with a non-Catholic who committed detraction. I didn’t say anything, but my first thought was “That’s detraction!” and what might have been a brief moment of smugness or the “you said a bad word” attitude of a child. (I don’t clearly remember what I was thinking). They almost immediately caught themselves and apologized and neither of us thought any more of it until Matthew 7 popped into my head an hour later. Is this something I need to confess? I just came back to the Church a couple of days ago, and part of me thinks I should be capable of going longer than that without slipping again.

Thoughts randomly popping into your head do not need to be confessed.

I agree!

Woman, you think too much.

If this has been going on (as in, this has happened too many times to count), you might have to work on it. But from this post…don’t think you need to confess. We all have weird thoughts popping in our heads

Not sure what we all understand by “judgement” …

Realising that someone has done something clearly recognisable as bad is not judgement. Accusing them might well be.:wink: I mean to their face…

We have to see what is happening for what it is. The art is not to accuse or openly thus judge and we need then to pray for those involved.

It’s bc OP said that there was some sort of smugness present. Which isn’t really good. But still don’t think op needs confession asap, especially if it popped in your head and lasted for a few seconds. I’m no priest though

It was a brief movement of the concupiscence - of vanity or pride or something like that. It is a venial sin, and a light one at that, because it was not deliberate.

Be sorry, be better next time, and be done.

Moments where I just do not understand the Catholic church. Thoughts and reactions and feelings being sins. I do not think Jesus had any bad thoughts ever. He is holy. I think something only becomes a sin when you act on it

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