Judging the Living and the Dead


If when you die on this earth your soul is immediately judged, what is meant when it is said that Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead?


Because at the end of the world, not every body will be dead. There’ll be a whole lotta living people on earth.
**He’s not going to kill them, then judge them. :eek: **


You will be judged when you die, that’s called your particular judgement. You either go to hell, or heaven with a purgatorial stop first. When Jesus returns, he will judge both the living, and reaffirm and make public your particular judgement. The books will be opened, your works will be shown, and all of the results of your good and bad works will be made known. If you are already dead, your particular judgement will be confirmed. If you are living, you will be judged both particularly and finally at the same time.

What I’m not sure on is, if you are alive at the final judgement, will you then have to serve your purgatory/temporal punishment before taking part in God’s Kingdom on earth? If so, will you then die and serve your purgatory and then be resurrected?


My understanding is: There is particular judgment (personal-private) at our death…The decision of allowing the soul to go to heaven or hell. At the “end of the age” there will be a “general” judgement, where your life will be seen by all, and God’s justice will be exposed for all to see.


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