"Judgment House" or "Hell House"

Any Protestants here participate in the “Judgment House” or “Hell House” alternatives to Halloween? What are you thoughts on them? They have them around here every year.

I’ve seen judgement house signs here in Lynchburg. But we got Falwells University and scaremare…it gets a pretty good crowd with the teens. I’m not into that so I have never bothered to go.

Some local Baptists tried a Judgment House for a couple years, a while back. They closed it after the third year, due to lack of interest. I don’t think they made enough to cover the cost.

They had them all over the place where I grew up. I went to one one year and it was . . .uh, interesting, I guess. The whole “get saved” thing was sort of lost on me at the time, but the morality tales parts were pretty far-fetched. I was sort of perplexed that anyone would find something like that convincing.

I haven’t been to one, but I would have to agree that kind of thing would most likely backfire on those who weren’t already convinced.

I went to Judgement House one year. A friend of mine from school told me about it. She said that she would be acting in it. In this judgement house, you follow the lives of two teenagers. The church has set up scenes for you to watch. One teenager enjoys drinking and going to parties. The other one likes to hang out with church friends on Friday nights. Well, these two teenagers are driving one night when they get into a horrible car accident. As you move through the scenes, you see two crumpled cars, a police officer, and an ambulance. Both teens have died, two others are screaming because of what they have been through. You follow the two to their funeral and see the preacher speaking. Then you go into a room where there is some man with the lamb’s book of life. He speaks to both teens, sentencing one to hell and another to heaven. Then you go through hell, where there are demons and the such. Then you go to heaven and a man in long robes with a beard is there to meet you and give you hugs. The hell scene is darkly lit and has fires in it while the heaven scene is ethereal with clouds and mist. After all of that you are taken to a room where the pastor asks to pray over the group that you are in. He then asks if you prayed that prayer with him and if you said yes, by raising your hand, you are taken to another room where they talk about how you just got saved.

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