Judgment Seat and Mercy Seat?


Judgment Seat and Mercy Seat?

Are they the same thing?



What do you think?


No. The Mercy Seat (kapporeth) was simply the covering of the ark. The Judgment Seat (bema) refers to the official seat of a judge or of the Emperor. In the apocalyptic context it refers to the position from which Christ will judge us.




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Just curious, but were you listening to Les Feldick who used these in his TV scripture program?


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I believe that the Mercy Seat and Judgment Seat (“bema”) are the same thing, as psalm90 asked me.

Those that see we must have His help and ask for it, it is Mercy.

Those of up that consciously reject His loving mercy, it become judgment.

But I do not know.

I do not have time to study it.


The name of the Savior God was invoked only once in the year by the high priest in atonement for the sins of Israel, after he had sprinkled the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies with the sacrificial blood. The mercy seat was the place of God’s presence.25 When St. Paul speaks of Jesus whom “God put forward as an expiation by his blood”, he means that in Christ’s humanity "God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself."26 (ccc 433)






Have you a list of words in Hebrew that are in the Septuagint and then the New Testament?



Do you mean just on this topic, or overall?

Just on this topic, from Easton’s Bible Dictionary:

Mercy seat – (Heb. kapporeth, a “covering;” LXX. and N.T., hilasterion; Vulg., propitiatorium), the covering or lid of the ark of the covenant . . .

Overall, I have PC Study Bible V5, a software set that has roughly 1,000 Bibles, books, and working aids, including 8 Bible dictionaries.



I mean words such as Word, Life, Light, and the like.

However, your post is beautiful.

Does the Easton’s Bible Dictionary make it just that simple?


Is it free and on the WEB?

I will look!



As a matter of fact, it is. Scroll down and click away :smiley:





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