Judiciary Talks With 2 Men Who Think They Assaulted Ford, Not Kavanaugh, Report Says


Two men have come forward saying they believe they may be the ones Ford says assaulted her, Not Kavanaugh.


How convenient. The majority release this information. But declines even to comment on whether it takes the information seriously, let alone whether the stories are compatible.


The bar has been set quite low …


People coming forward to confess that they did the crime is not rare. Releasing the information, unless it can be presented as a solid lead is unusual. Some might call it sleazy.


Perhaps they are just “reporting” it like you did on a previous thread…


As a person conversing on a chat board with people looking at the news, there isn’t a thing wrong with my linking to a news article. But the actions of the Committee personnel in releasing this information that they won’t commit to as being significant this was totally irresponsible.


Yeah I appreciated it when they applied this standard to the double secret anonymous letter claiming an attack in 1998 and the since retreated claim that he and Judge raped a girl in a boat and got beat up in 1985. Oh wait, you didn’t.


As irresponsible as Senators saying they believe one person over the other before hearing testimony? As irresponsible as sitting on a document during the hearings and leaking it afterwards? As irresponsible as Sen Blumenthal speaking to reporters about the credibility of the 3rd witness without having any information beyond her accusation? Hopefully, you would agree that there is plenty of irresponsibility to go around…like I said…the bar is low.


Pot calling the kettle black. Democrats never seem to like their own standards being applied to them.


Is this directed to me personally?



Neither man claiming responsibility is identified by name, and there is no indication that either intends to come forward publicly.

The committee declined to comment further than what was outlined in the news release when asked why Grassley’s staff interviewed the two men who separately say they might have had the alleged encounter with Ford, how they found the men and whether the committee found them credible.

In a television interview Thursday morning, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), a committee member, said he didn’t believe them.

“One’s crazy as a loon, I don’t believe the other one,” Graham said during an appearance on “CBS This Morning. “I’m not going to play this game.”


If those stories emanated from leaks, shame on the leakers.

I am not sure what the Senators are privy that hasn’t been disclosed. So I woudln’t say.

It was not irresponsible to sit on the document. I do not support leaking of confidential information.

To the extent that you representation is true: yes. But again I don’t know how much information he actually had.



What the heck was going on in that area of the country??!! Makes you re-think “good neighborhoods” and “good schools”.


Parents traveling letting young adults alone. Much the same everywhere, I suspect, but with much higher frequency in this area.


I, for the record, find these very hard to believe as well.


Amazing. In not so well-to-do areas, you would be getting visits from CPS


This woman is a train wreck witness. Afraid of flying yet flies all over world, acts like dummy yet has 5 degrees


Missy Bigelow Carr explains why she signed a statement defending Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s character and saying Julie Swetnick’s allegations are implausible.


Every person claiming to be a victim of this man, so far, is a Democrat. Why is this? Doesn’t this man rape Republicans too? Why would he care the party they support? Obviously this is all a stall and defamation ploy by the left because they saw that Kavanaugh was very likely to be approved for the seat, and they simply cannot allow Trump to be correct with his choices. Democrats always use the same ploy … make-up something hurtful, or twist a few facts around to make them negative, and point fingers in so many directions that hopefully no one will notice who said what about who, when or how, and this confusion will hopefully cause many otherwise sensible people to believe what they are hearing and follow their lead. Democrats will do anything they can to destroy our country and the constitution, and they cannot stand the fact that someone they thought had no possibility of winning has actually won and became President. This has always been the case with them. The only solution is better childhood education, so upon becoming adult the children will actually know what the constitution represents, and know that they are privileged to be citizens of the Greatest Country and Government System to have ever existed on the face of the planet. False accusations need to be severely penalized when revealed, and examples should be set against those who organize such distribution of false and defaming information.


More telling would be did they move in those circles and parties in HS.


Agreed. Sure wish that they had provided that information.


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