Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers found after theft




They’re fake. One of my little granddaughters has the real ones. Just ask her. :slight_smile:


That’s cute! Glad she’s a Wizard of Oz fan. Hope the witch doesn’t scare her too much.


Noooooooooo. She’s not afraid of witches. Anyway not unless it’s on Halloween and she runs across one traveling around the neighborhood in the dark, collecting treats. Then it’s a little less certain.


You’re wrong. Or lying. I get lying to make your granddaughter happy, believe me – you should hear the stuff I tell my daughters – but it isn’t true. My daughter has them.


I couldn’t watch until I was at least 6. Mr Rogers had Margaret Hamilton on when I was young to show it was a costume and makeup.


The witch terrified my daughter. She watched the movie with us (mom and dad) when she was a bit more than two. She wasn’t scared of the flying monkeys, who I’ve noticed usually scare the heck out of little kids. She actually liked them. But the witch?

After watching the movie, we all went to bed. At about two in the morning, I hear her from her room, terrified, saying, “Daddy, Daddy, the witch is coming! The witch is coming!”

I went in and got her calmed down, and sat with her for a while. In the end, I was able to convince her that the witch was only in the TV. She was stuck there, and could never get out.

Then she was happy, and we’ve watched the movie many times since then. And two of her favorite songs are “the tin man song,” and “the Dorothy song” (which is, of course, Somewhere Over the Rainbow).


Wish I’d known that when my girl got so scared – I would have tried to find it on YouTube so she could watch.


I’m glad they recovered the slippers. But do they still work?


It’s still nice to see. The world could use more Fred Rogers.


No doubt, he was a great man. Been encouraging my younger kids to watch his show with me - wholesome and calm stuff for kids (and adults).


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