Julia Pierson puts the 'secret' in Secret Service


*"Pierson defended herself with bureaucratic phrases about “robust conversations” and “comprehensive reviews” and “the totality of the circumstances.” She sounded at times like a sheriff’s deputy reading police reports.

About the 2011 incident, she said: “The vehicle sped away and went westbound on Constitution, erratically driving and struck a lightpost in the area of 23rd and Constitution.”

About this month’s episode, she recounted: “They stepped momentarily into the East Room. Another officer rendered aid, and he was placed on the ground . . .”

But nobody rushed to render aid to Pierson. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) mocked the agency’s initial explanation that the seven shots fired at the White House in 2011 were backfires: “I’ve never heard a car backfire six to eight times, director, never.”

“I’ve heard car backfires,” Pierson ventured, attempting an argument about “sound attenuation.”

As problematic as her answers was her passionless delivery. “I don’t sense from you, Director Pierson, a sense of outrage,” observed Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.). “A sense of mission that you want to reform and correct this cascading set of mistakes that led to, potentially, a catastrophe.”*


Yeah, she just resigned.

I’m sorry for her, but, come on. Seven shots at the White House? A gun-carrying felon security guard on an elevator with the President?



Not to mention the woman shot dead with her baby in the back seat.


I’m still at a loss for how the SS let an armed convict on the elevator with the President. Simply stunned. I don’t even understand how they let ANYONE on the elevator with the President other than his detail and who he’s traveling with. An elevator is just too closed in a space with no escape. You simply don’t let anyone on an elevator with the President. They can wait for the next one.

The shots fired at the WH. The egregious incompetence was that a housekeeper found the evidence of the shots fired 4-5 days after the shooting. They hadn’t even bothered to just run a check around the entire building to see if anything was amiss. The housekeeper found broken glass I believe. That’s pretty easy to spot if your agents take a walk around the building. Complete and utter incompetence.

The instance of the woman shot dead, I don’t see too much to give the SS grief over. Yes it is tragic she died, but they can’t have someone speeding around with a car near the WH. They had no idea who she was or what she was going to do. You do scary stuff near the WH, you just might get shot in the head.


You need to do more investigative reading about the woman shot dead.
Yet Omar was able to be armed, jump over the fence, run across the front lawn through the front door, run through several rooms until someone just happened to walk by and tackled him?


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