Julian Assange: 'A lot more material' coming on US elections


(CNN)Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said Tuesday his whistleblowing website might release “a lot more material” relevant to the US electoral campaign.

However, Assange refused to confirm or deny a Russian origin for the mass email leak, saying Wikileaks tries to create ambiguity to protect all its sources.

“Perhaps one day the source or sources will step forward and that might be an interesting moment some people may have egg on their faces. But to exclude certain actors is to make it easier to find out who our sources are,” Assange told CNN.



“It raises questions about the natural instincts of Clinton that when confronted with a serious domestic political scandal, she tries to blame the Russians, blame the Chinese, et cetera,” Assange told CNN.
“Because if she does that while in government, it could lead to problems,” he added.

This is a very important point and something that American voters need to strongly consider. Liberals worry about how Trump could negatively affect foreign relations. Well this right here coming from Hillary is their worst Trump nightmares come true.


We live in interesting times…


His “leaks” are skewed an edited with the purpose of causing outrage and harm to the US, UK and other governments. One heavily edited video on the Afghan conflict, which appeared to show US soldiers committing war crimes by shooting unarmed civilian from a helicopter (when they were actually responding to RPG fire) is a case in point.

Besides, given that he is an accused rapist trying to evade extradition to Sweden I would question anything he has to say.


I don’t know why, but announcing future news seems immaturely attention-seeking, like they are getting twice the attention for 1 news item. Not to mention that all too often, that day never comes.


Are you saying that the materials leaked are not valid? If not, why did Debbie W. Shultz lose her job so quickly?


Also, it has a whiff of blackmail about it. Could they be behind the scenes asking for favors in return for not releasing the promised emails?


Oooo, that might explain why so many announcements of this type, by various people, never pan out!


So the Russian lapdog is going to continue doing their bidding… Good for him. :rolleyes:


Not like Trump’s instincts are any better. I mean he’s calling on Russia to hack the US again…


Which shouldn’t surprise me from a guy with mob ties, including to the Russian mob.


Do you have any evidence that his leaks are skewed and that he withholds the original.

Apparently, you don’t like the leaks, not for its content, but for its effect of causing harm to governments whose policies you like.


Here are my sources:


Asking the Russians to retrieve Hillary Clintons illegally deleted e-mails is not “hacking the US”.


Maybe they can hack into Trump’s tax returns; it’s the only way we’ll ever get to see them. :rolleyes:


I do not see anything in those links about Assange selectively editing sources by omitting content to make the US look bad.


No he isn’t. He remarked that Russia probably has Hillary’s 30,000 emails that she erased so the FBI couldn’t see them, and opined that western media would probably “reward” Russia sometime or other for releasing them.

Factually, that’s all probably true. Probably the only people who have the 30,000 emails are hackers and the recipients. But probably if Russia has the 30,000 emails, it will keep the worst ones to blackmail Clinton with. A horrible prospect.

And let’s see the evidence of Trump’s mob ties.


This is the best response so far from the other side. As clever as trump.


He e-mailed them to Clinton.


Another shoe has been dropped by Wikileaks.

On the night President Obama and Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine were scheduled to speak to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the anti-secrecy whistle-blower group released hacked voicemails of top Democratic officials.

Wikileaks put up a page containing 29 mp3 files of calls, identified by phone number, running approximately 14 minutes combined.

The release came just days after Wikileaks’ release of internal Democratic National Committee emails forced the resignation of DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and cast a pall over the whole convention.

The emails showed that DNC officials had colluded to tip the presidential-primary race toward Hillary Clinton, contrary to Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s repeated insistence at the time that the DNC was remaining neutral.



The release of a trove of embarrassing hacked internal emails and private voice mail recordings reveal not only the unseemly dealmaking involved in recruiting high-dollar donations for political campaigns but also the role fundraising officials play in approving and denying access to President Barack Obama and other top officials.

There are emails that describe a donor angling for seats next to Obama at a roundtable discussion and one about assigning seats for donors at a White House state dinner. In one, a major contributor from Maryland who had cancer was bumped from a seat next to the president because another, more prolific giver was attending the same event.

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