Julian Calendar Ascension Feastday

I noticed in the bulletin last Sunday that Ascension Thursday was not technically mentioned and that a reading was in order in looking through the missalette for both Ascension Thursday and for the following Sunday. My calendar which is Catholic and from my parish lists Ascension Thursday as a Julian Calendar Ascension Day. I have never heard of this term and I am wondering if it is being observed as a separate feast day as has been traditionally done or is it being observed this coming Sunday. I would appreciate an answer as I am quite confused.
Thank you.
Ellen 18

I believe that throughout Florida, the bishops moved the obligation to the following Sunday. (Actually my diocese in Burlington, as part of the Boston Archdiocese, is one of the few dioceses which did NOT transfer the obligation–along with Philadelphia and some others; I’m sure somebody has the full list somewhere though I can’t find it right now).

As for the Julian calendar reference (which is not in force, aren’t we using the Gregorian today?), I have heard that the Orthodox Church objected to the placement of Ascension Thursday under the old “Julian” calendar so this parenthetical might have arisen if there is a sizeable Orthodox community in your diocese and one wanted to be respectful of their belief.

When the holy day is transferred to the following Sunday the readings for the Sunday apparently do change to reflect the holy day.

So it appears that you in Florida will celebrate the Ascension on this Sunday, May 20, while others (in my neck of the woods among others) will celebrate tomorrow (or have already celebrated the vigil tonight.)

God bless.

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