July- month of the Precious Blood, and something to pray during Mass


Hello , I’m not sure if many people know July is the month of the Precious Blood.
I had a prayer book (though recently gave away but will re- purchase) it was dedicated to the Precious Blood about the power and prayers to benefit from it. Something I picked up which I now always do in Mass, when the Priest is pouring the wine in the chalice I say
"Mary, please offer the Precious Blood from the chalice for everyone here,every single person in the world and for the souls in Purgatory."

Also other things I learnt from that book was asking Mary to offer the Precious Blood of Jesus to the Eternal Father for the souls in Purgatory ,
And secondly asking Mary to offer the Precious Blood to the Eternal Father so that one mortal sin may not be committed this day/night.

A Saint would do the offering to prevent mortal sin. I think she did it like 100 times a day and received great rewards for her persistence.

Precious Blood of Jesus, save us :highprayer:
Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for us :highprayer:




LORD Jesus by faith in Your merits,
I now take Your Precious Blood
and sprinkle it over myself and my family
right from the crown of my head to the very soles of my feet.
I claim total and complete protection for my life and my family.
Lord Jesus, keep me free today from evil, sin, temptation,
Satan’s attacks and afflictions,
fear of darkness, fear of man,
sickness, diseases, doubts, anger, all calamities
and from all that is not of Your Kingdom.

Fill me Lord Jesus with the gifts of Your Holy Spirit
and grant me the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, faith, understanding and discernment, so that I will live today in Your Glory by doing what is right.

I praise You Jesus, I thank You Jesus,

I love You Jesus, I adore You Jesus.



Good Morning, Father! Good Morning, Jesus! Good Morning, Holy Spirit!

Today Heavenly Father, according to Your Word, I present my body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable in Your sight. Because I am not contending against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, world rulers of this present darkness and spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places, I take the whole armor of God so that I may be able to withstand in the evil day. So today I stand and gird my loins with truth. I put on the breastplate of righteousness. I shod my feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Above all these, I take the shield of faith to quench ALL the flaming darts of the evil one. I take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. I pray at ALL times in the Spirit with ALL prayer and supplication for ALL God’s family and for me that I may open my mouth boldly TO PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL. The weapons of my warfare are not worldly but have divine power to destroy strongholds. Today I destroy arguments and EVERY proud obstacle to the knowledge of God and take EVERY thought captive to OBEY Christ. Thank you, Father, that according to Your Word the glory of the Lord is my rear guard. I praise You and thank You for the armor of light You’ve provided for me this day. I am completely covered now. Upon Jesus I have built my life. The gates of hell shall not prevail against me. Jesus, I apply Your Precious Blood to my life, my family, my home, and all my possessions. You are my Shepherd and I shall not want. For You have supplied ALL my needs according to Your riches in glory. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. I praise You for walking in divine health, for You are my God who heals ALL my diseases. I praise You and thank You for my prosperity and good health even as my soul prospers. For the joy of the Lord is my strength. Father, I have prayed according to Your Word. You said You would watch over Your Word to perform it. I am reminded that every word spoken becomes a living thing - either to minister life or death and destruction. Lord Jesus, let my meditation be sweet to You as I will rejoice in You all day. Just rise up and live big within me. For I am Yours and You are mine in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen


Prayer of Salvation (Renew Faith in Jesus Christ)
Lord Jesus come into my heart. I desire that you be the Lord of my life, so that I may be a Child of the Light, to know you as my personal Savior- for I know and believe that you died on the cross for my sings. You rose again from the dead on the third day and you are coming again in glory.
I believe in your forgiveness and I desire that You help me to refrain from any temptations that would keep me separated from Your everlasting love. Amen



In the name of jesus, i take authority and i bind all the powers and forces in the air, in the ground, in the water, in the underground, in the netherworld, in nature and in fire. You are the lord over the entire universe and i give you the glory for your creation. In your name, i bind all demonic forces that have come against us and our families and i seal all of us in the protection of your precious blood that was shed for us on the cross.

Mary our mother, we seek your protection and intercession, with the sacred heart of jesus, for us and our families and surround us with your mantle of love to discourage the enemy.

St. Michael and our guardian angels, come defend us and our families in battle against all the evil ones that roam the earth.

In the name of jesus, i bind and command all the powers and forces of evil to depart right now away from us, our families, our homes, and our lands and i cast you at the foot of the cross to remain there forever. And i thank you lord jesus for you are a faithful and compassionate god, amen.


7 offerings of the most precious blood for the souls in purgatory.



OP- Thanks for the reminder!

Does anyone know the origins of the above described linked prayers?


I was not aware that July is the month of the Precious Blood of Jesus. Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:

God bless!!


*** Prayer of St. Faustina:
"O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a Fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You." ***


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Also have you heard about the agonizing crucifix which is to be said whilst praying the precious blood devotion?

You know the Agonizing Crucifix? Well, Mel Gibson actually got one of the Precious Blood apostolate crucifixes in Nigeria. Can you see the similarity between the crucifix here and the one portrayed in the film?


And also the precious blood red rosary in mentioned in the above link.


Consecrating the Drops of Blood which Our Lord lost on His way to Calvary.


  1. The plenary indulgence and remittance of your sins.
  2. You will be free from the pains of Purgatory.
  3. If you should die before completing the said 3 years, for you it will be the same as if you had completed them.
  4. It will be upon your death the same as if you had shed all your blood for the Holy Faith.
  5. I will descend from Heaven to take your soul and that of your relatives, until the fourth generation.



Wow you certainly know a lot about this . God bless you!! I said the prayers yesterday and bookmarked


Wow!!! That’s Awesome,God Bless You Also.Below is another Prayer by Saint Bernard who honored the most painful wound of Our Lord Jesus Christ which is on his shoulders,with which he carried the heavy cross on it.

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
It is related in the annals of Clairvaux that St. Bernard asked Our Lord which was His greatest unrecorded suffering, and He answered: “I had on My Shoulder while I bore My Cross on the Way of Sorrows, a grevious Wound which was more painful than the others, and which is not recorded by men. Honor this Wound with thy devotion, and I will grant thee whatsoever thou does ask through its virtue and merit. And in regard to all those who shall venerate this wound, I will remit to them all their venial sins, and will no longer remember their mortal sins”

Salutation of the wound
in the Shoulder of Jesus
’O most loving Jesus, meekest Lamb of God, I, a miserable sinner, salute and worship the most Sacred wound of thy Shoulder on which Thou didst bear Thy heavy Cross, which so tore Thy Flesh and laid bare Thy bones as to inflict on Thee an anguish greater than any other wound of Thy most Blessed Body. I adore and glorify Thee and give Thee thanks for this most sacred and most painful Wound. Beseeching Thee by that exceeding pain, and the crushing burden of Thy heavy Cross, to be merciful to me, a sinner, to forgive me all my mortal and venial sins, and to lead me on towards Heaven along the way of the Cross’.

3 Our Fathers,3 Hail Marys,3 Glory Be

‘‘This Prayer does not exempt you from going to Confession.Confession also is an important role for repentance in our lives.’’


Also on this link is the Rosary Honoring the Holy Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Also Another Prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory by Saint Gertrude the Great given by Our Lord Jesus Christ.I say this prayer everyday,at 3 o’clock in the afternoon,after the Three O’ Clock Prayer

Our Lord told St. Gertrude the Great, that the following prayer would release 1,000 souls from Purgatory each time it is said. The prayer was extended to include living sinners which would alleviate the indebtedness accrued to them during their lives.

Prayer to Free the Souls in Purgatory
Eternal Father,
I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus,
in union with the Masses said throughout the world today,
for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory,
for sinners everywhere,
for sinners in the Universal Church,
those in my own home and within my family.




Promise of Our Lord to Sister Mary Martha Chambon:
‘The soul who during life has honoured and studied the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ and has offered them to the Eternal Father for the souls in Purgatory, will be accompanied at the moment of death by the Holy Virgin and the angels: and Our Lord on the Cross all brilliant in glory will receive her and crown her.”

The Holy Wounds Rosary Promise

These two invocations were taught by Our Lord to Sister Mary Martha Chambon, deceased, in the Visitation of Chambery, France, March 21, 1907. The sister received from Our Lord a double “mission”, constantly to invoke the Holy Wounds herself, and to revive this devotion in the world. Promise of Our Lord to Sister Mary Martha: “I will grant all that is asked of Me by the invocation of My Holy Wounds. You must spread the devotion.” (Sources consulted: Devotion to Christ’s Sacred Wounds and the Pieta Prayer book).



Prayer for Mercy for the Dying

O merciful Jesus, lover of souls, I beseech You, by the agony of Your Most Sacred Heart and by the sorrows of Your Immaculate Mother, wash clean in Your Blood the sinners of the whole world who are now in their final agony, but especially those on their way to eternal damnation and who are to die this day. Heart of Jesus who suffered death’s agony, I beg You have mercy on these poor souls. Amen


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