Jumpstyle Music: What do you think?

Currently the rage in the Low Countries. The group Jeckyll & Hyde’s big hit, Freefall, is pretty representative of the style in my opinion:


Personally I love it and don’t see why it doesn’t become big here (in the U.S.). What do you think?

Silly video (in a good way, I like Lego stopmotion) :slight_smile:

This stuff is pretty much basic trance, and that’s been big in the States for quite a while.

It sounds like basic trance, but it’s actually a subset of it imo. Apparently it’s based on hard trance. As you can see, it has its own dance that I don’t imagine seeing people doing to Tiesto or Paul Van Dyk.

It’d be great if they did! :smiley:

I’m hoping that that dance becomes an American rave staple… it’ll make the kids even funnier to look at :slight_smile:

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