Junk food

I know it’s a sin to throw away/waste food, but how should we know how much is too much to be considered a sin for throwing it out? Also, what about food that isn’t good for us anyway…is that a sin to throw it out or if let’s say you don’t finish all of it and throw the rest out, is that ok?

Put it in the compost heap. That way you are recycling it!

There really isn’t any set of rules that specify this, it’s pretty much up to oneself to decide. But like if you have some leftover bread crusts and you throw it away it obviously isn’t a sin. I think the sinful part comes in when someone goes and throws away a whole crock pot of chili when it easily could have been donated to a local food pantry. Hope this helped.

God bless!

Junk food like cupcakes perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I don’t think it’s always and everywhere a grave sin to throw out food. It is necessary in some instances. I think it’s a relic of a certain cultural view that it is always virtuous to clean your plate. It can be. But isn’t always.

In my mind, it is more about being conscientious about being wasteful. Buying too much food and eating it all is just as wasteful of that food as buying too much and not eating it all. Indeed, one might argue that the latter is at least exercising some prudence, even if belatedly so.

Nonetheless, we all have moments where we misjudge our needs or our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. I wouldn’t categorize that as being sinful.

The food all goes back to the earth eventually. Do we want to send it there right away or have it stop for a layover around our waist? :stuck_out_tongue:

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