Jupiter is Melting


And some people still think global warming is a myth.

Because…all the people on Jupiter are the cause of this?

Perhaps Jovians are producing too much CO2.

How exactly did you link global warming with the article about Jupiter?

I am still figuring that out myself lol

The concern about climate change on Earth isn’t that it is occurring,. We know from history climate change has been a regular feature. The concern is that human activity is causing changes in Earth at a rate unseen in history.

Similarly, the concern with Jupiter is that human activity is driving global warming on the King of the Planets. So far we have sent eight probes to the Jupiter, for a gravitational wind-up if not actually to study the Jovian environment.

Obviously, these artificial satellites with which we have besieged poor Jupiter has created unprecedented tidal forces. And those forces are the cause of the massive warming of the core. So the question arises: should we cancel future missions to Jupiter? Is it right to sacrifice a planet for the temporary, and limited, good of a few humans?


:rotfl: You are too much!


2 + 2 = whatever I say it is!!!

lol. Though to through a little more fuel on the fire, I was watching a Nova program (not known for its GW skepticism) about driving into “blue holes.” There they took samples of the rock (stalagmites/tites) and found evidence that historically, climate did indeed change very quickly often killing entire species on islands. (They also found evidence of Sahara desert sand in the Caribbean). pbs.org/wgbh/nova/earth/extreme-cave-diving.html

The concern about climate change on Earth isn’t that it is occurring,. We know from history climate change has been a regular feature. The concern is that human activity is causing changes in Earth at a rate unseen in history.

Thank you Dale for rational analysis. Having dug into permafrost evidence along the Clarion River in my neck of the woods, I can concur that climate change is a fact. The question is, as you said…are we involved?

All I can say about that is if we, or the forces of nature, take out the Gulf Stream…our progeny will have some serious challenges.


Fascinating. :smiley:

There are many, and growing, You Tube videos discussing and analyzing the magnetic pole reversal - North/South changing to South/North - which has a very direct correlation to the changing weather patterns and storms around the Globe. Several of these video’s are very professionally done, and they are not “chicken little” in tone, but very documented with historical findings sound research - and precedence - as it has happened numerous times before on the Earth - but without the dynamic population the Earth now supports and without any recorded affects of the reversal upon the population or landscape at the time.

The transition is well under way to the effect of having to change the longitude and latitude of the runways for the Airports in Florida. And for the first time in recorded history, Greenland experienced the arrival of daylight two days earlier then scheduled - the earth has rotated down a few more degress than it should be allowing the sun to reach the north earlier. This also is affecting the jet stream and currents, which are the true “drivers” of the weather pattern.

There is a lot of speculation on the outcome of the coming pole reversal, but no one truly knows i.e. will the earth literally flip end over end or will the interior molten iron do all the turning and then the magnetic shield which protects the earth from space radiation dissappear for a time before the polarity is settled and the shield returns? No one knows. However, they do know that the weather patterns will change with the current trends south of the equator becoming dominant in the North and vice-versa in the south.

One thing is certain, this is effecting/affecting the weather patterns, and it is not man made.

Technically speaking, this is not world news. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone can see by watching the western skies that Venus is responsible for this.

Comparing warming on Jupiter to that on earth is like apples and oranges because these are two different planets with two different atmospheres.

Personally, I think the fight over man’s contribution to global warming is sort of childish. Kinda like arguing whether wearing flammable pajamas will increase the fire risk to kids living in a paper house. It may or it may not, but if that house is all the kids have for shelter, it seems to make sense to at least clothe them sensibly.

I totally agree. Pope Benedict XVI has made it perfectly clear that regardless of the cause, we must acknowledge the threat and start planning to deal with the effect in order to protect future generations. As far as I can tell, all of the effort on the part of those who would deny climate change has been to undermine science - when good science is exactly what we will need to deal with the problems it will cause.

Except they both have the same heat source.

This has to be an early April fools joke… Please, please, please tell me it is.

That is awesome!

I agree we should be good steward of the planet the God gave us.

Stop the anthroprogenic liquefication of Jupiter’s core!

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