Jury acquits leaders of Malheur wildlife refuge standoff


The Seattle Times:

**Jury acquits leaders of Malheur wildlife refuge standoff **

Standoff leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy and five others were charged with conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.PORTLAND — In a thorough defeat for federal prosecutors, jurors Thursday acquitted the leaders of a standoff at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon that brought new attention to a long-running dispute over control of federal lands in the U.S. West.
A “stunning victory for rural America” is how Neal Wampler, one of the defendants, described the verdicts.
The jury found brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy not guilty of having a firearm in a federal facility and conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs early this year at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 300 miles southeast of Portland. Five co-defendants also were tried on one or both of the charges.

“Conspiring to impede federal workers”? Why weren’t the people on trial for terrorism? There should never have been a standoff, once they refused to surrender the Feds should have gone in blasting.

  1. That Waco incident probably influences all future use of force by the gov.
  2. Escalating would simply lead to direct attacks on the pipeline. One can not really hide or defend hundreds of miles of pipe.


The feds now understand going in blasting just encourages this kind of violence.

This is going to go down in history with the OJ acquittal as one of the worst.


:thumbsup: Sounds like some courageous jurors stood up to Federal tyranny.


Jury finds all Oregon standoff defendants not guilty of federal conspiracy, gun charges

A federal jury on Thursday found Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan Bundy and five co-defendants not guilty of conspiring to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs through intimidation, threat or force during the 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
. . .


Our jury system remains the best bulwark against complete governmental control. Bravo to those brave jurors who didn’t see things the Federal governments way.


Jury nullification.


Great news.



I think the jury got it right, hopefully this sends a message to the Fed Govt.


The Feds should stay home.


Because Waco and Ruby Ridge turned out so well when they went in “blasting”???


Continuing the long history of jury nullification of white criminals’ deserved punishments.


Gees, I really hate to introduce politics into this discussion … but Waco** DOES** have Hillary’s fingerprints all over it.


Well, in Baltimore a black judge did find the police officers not guilty.


Well, MAYBE, we should abolish juries entirely.

I mean, like, juries are merely mentioned in the Constitution.

Article Three, Section Two.

Let’s abolish juries and rely on mobs who anonymously post on the internet.


There is a reason why trial by jury was deliberately built into the Constitution.

That was so American patriots might not be railroaded by the “central government”.


Oddly though, today, if a jury finds someone not guilty, many people still jump to the conclusion, the jury ‘let them off the hook’, or somehow made a mistake.

Shouldnt there be celebrating when a jury refuses to convict in a case like this? Instead, we have people wishing they were convicted, and of harsher crimes…??

This is a real problem today, too many people have been brainwashed to take the Govts/ Law enforcement, side on matters instead of their fellow citizens…how in the world did it get to this point?!


Does this mean that people who damage government property of any kind (including state or city) should be found innocent? The woman who spray painted rocks in national parks should not have been punished? The men who tipped over rocks in national parks should not have been fined? If someone defaced city hall, nothing should be done to them?

Call me conservative, or old fashioned, or liberal, or whatever you want, but people who deliberately cause destruction to property that is not theirs should be punished. Anyone who supports this ruling, in my opinion, cannot say anything rioters.


The jury decides.

When you get on a jury, then you can decide.


Dismissing the gun charges alone seems like lunacy to me.

On a side note, more than 100 Native American protestors of the North Dakota pipeline have been arrested. I assume they won’t be convicted of anything, given the result of the Bundy case.

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