Just 47% Oppose Nationalizing Oil Industry [USA]

A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 29% of voters favor nationalizing the oil industry. Just 47% are opposed and 24% are not sure. …

The survey found that a plurality of Democrats (37%) believe the oil industry should be nationalized. Just 32% of voters …disagree with that approach. Republicans oppose nationalizing the oil industry by a 66% to 16% margin. Unaffiliated voters are opposed by a 47% to 33% margin.


Typical leftist spin. 47% opposed but only 29% in favor.

Maybe if they nationalize OPEC then we can really get some where.

I don’t think there is any spin there. That only half of Americans are opposed to the government taking over the oil industry is mind-boggling.

Similarly, only half of Americans favor allowing oil companies to keep any profits they make from newly discovered alternative energy sources.

My sense is that most Americans are opposed to socialism, but nationalizing the oil industry would be a huge expansion of the government into the economy.

I think folks are letting their pain at the pump influence their opinions a bit too much.

Whatever spin you put on it, it’s alarming. Hardly anything wrong with the oil industry (and there’s plenty) can’t be made worse by nationalizing it.

The opposition is obviously a lot weaker than it should be. The oil companies have done a lot of that to themselves, starting with those secret meetings with **** Cheney. Even if nothing illegal was done, the fact that they desperately want to hide it, makes people think so.

If gas prices drop a bit, that should take some of the edge off. Let’s hope so.

As more facts get out, I think you’ll see more Americans opposed. A lot of people don’t even know what nationaliztion means, probably. When people learn that that is exactly what Hugo Chavez is doing, they’ll oppose it.

Maybe the “pro-nationalization” folks could give us some examples of some existing nationalized industries that run really well.

If you consider that the government already controls when, where and how drilling is conducted and how, when and where refinery activity is conducted, … in a sense, the oil industry … or at least the exploration, development and refining segments of the oil industry are already nationalized. Which is why their output is so unsatisfactory.

In New York State, the state has shut down one nuclear power reactor (Shoreham) … a total and complete waste of $6 billion … and not one single electron of electricity was ever generated.

And the politicians are now making noises about shutting down the Indian Point nuclear electric generating plant.

If people think through this, most of them would oppose nationalizing the oil industry.

The US government does NOTHING cost effectively. If you disagree prove me wrong. Medicare? Military? Roads? Bridges?Everything the government does, they do so with no incentive to save money. The concept of “doing more with less” only exists in private industry, so expect cost overruns and tax increases to subsidize the price of gas, since they will not be able to produce gas more cheaply than it is done today.

Step 1: Demonize Oil Industry - Nationalization of Oil Companies :cool:
Step 2: Demonize Healthcare - Nationalization of Healthcare :cool:
Step 3: Demonize Banks - Nationalization of Banks including all accounts. :cool:

Interesting. The nickname for “Richard” is banned. :eek:

You just finding this out? :rolleyes:

This does not surprise me. Our Lady of Fatima already warned us that the errors of Russia would be spread everywhere.

Nationalizing the oil industry? No I dont think that is the solution . Our government can not run a country how can they run a business?

Some better government oversight if needed? Yes. Afterall that is their job to protect all of Americans poor, middle class and wealthy, so everyone has opportunity to live a prosperous life.

If Congress can’t run their own cafeteria, how will they run oil refineries with the constant changes in gasoline formulations and etc.

New York State runs its own bookie joints (OTB … Off Track Betting) … and they lose a huge amount of money. [Must be the only such operation on the planet that loses money.]

OPEC IS nationalized, but not by the US, almost every OPEC member nation owns it’s oil companies.

I can’t believe ANYONE thinks giving the oil companies to the US government is a good idea.

Oh sorry, when I said they, I meant the US government.

Your points support mine. They can not run a business. Just protect the consumer. thats their job. Look what they did with Amtrak!

Like I said, the title is misleading. It should of be “Just 29% Support Nationalizing Oil Industry [USA]”

Which is still an appallingly high number


My sense is that most Americans are opposed to socialism,

I’m not so sure. Why do you feel that way?

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