Just a Christmas Eve Reminder

…that all animals can talk on Christmas Eve.
True fact!
So if you wake up tonite and pad around the house, you just might hear Rover and Mister Jingles having an in depth discussion of their favorite treats and the relative merits of various flea treatments and how they HATE it when we dress them in clothes.

Merry Christmas🎄


My cat’s a 25-lb. Maine Coon. He can talk every day! To a certain extent, of course.He says, “Oh, Mom!” “Right here!” “I’m right here!” and a lot of other things. He is a true gift from God to me.

Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:


Ours have those conversations every day. When I brought Sweet Pea in yesterday morning because it was raining, he told me he was so happy to be in a warm house and made lots of biscuits.


My brother and I as children used to hide our favorite toys (Snoopy,Teddy bears ) around the Christmas tree
to welcome and resassure the new toys that ‘santa’ would bring late at night.Stuffed toys can talk ,so we imagined when we were little ;).


I swear some of mine can form actual English words. Those that can’t are very good at communicating through tone of voice and sign language. One of my cats was previously the beloved cat of my deceased mother, and she sounds and behaves so much like my mother in cat form it is like they were two peas in a pod.

Animals are awesome.


My neighbour whistles as he walks over,a kindly warning.I noticed my cat one day became very alert when I whistled while he was sitting next to me ,looked around and at me as if saying ‘quick!He’s coming!’ It made me realise the hens,dog,cats and horse all signal for each other about a hawk in the sky,someone coming,a snake and I’ve just woken up I’m included :slight_smile:


Oh, mine can form English words, so I have no doubt yours can, too.

Animals are awesome! I agree! :slight_smile:


I was talking to old girl kitty one day some months ago, and looking right at her, when I could actually think that I heard her say, “Yeah,” in this eerie human-sounding voice, instead of the usual kitty “meow.”

I looked at her, and I said, “Did I hear you just say “Yeah,” in a human-sounding voice??!!” :hushed:

She just gave me this blank look, like, “What are you even talking about?!”

I then had this conversation with her, how animals used to be able to talk to us, a long time ago, and how legend has it that they still can talk on Christmas Eve, so “Don’t try and pull a fast one over on me, as I know that you can talk, anyway!” :blush: :sunglasses: :wink: :heart:


Sounds like she was messing with you

At times God helps us through his creatures, comforts us and give us company when humans are alone,Awesome God!

Psalm 36:6 Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep; you save humans and animals alike, O Lord.

Psalm 147:9 He gives to the animals their food, and to the young ravens when they cry.


We had so many kitties at one time, that we had to label them by birth. Julie Bean’s were the first batch (the Baby Beans). Then her sister Chessie had 3 litters that she brought to us (the Chessie Babies, the Wees and the Chessnutts).

The Wees started saying “Mama” whenever they saw me. Then the older kitties who were 5 at the time started saying “Mama.” I told my Mama that they called me “Mama”. She, of course, didn’t believe it until she saw it for herself. And that was when we were having an ice storm and had to all be together in one room for one and a half weeks to keep warm. I had been asleep and she heard, “Mama! Mama!” The only ones awake were the kitties.

All of those sweet fur babies have long since gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Our latest batch of fur kids just say “Meow.” Oh well, “Meow” is universal. It means “I love you.”


I am out of :heart:️ for a while longer, but I love all the comments. :blush:

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