Just a fun question...how do you picture Mary?


There are tons of paintings of her, depictions, and now some alleged photos…how do you picture our Blessed Mother Mary?

For me–


Just a silly question to think about. Whatever she really looks like, she’s beautiful.



For me, she is the beautiful woman in blue…


Yes, our Blessed Mother is beautiful. But I picture her as a typical Jewish woman, with dark hair and dark eyes, probably rather short, and with middle Eastern features, chosen by God to bear His Son. I do not picture her like most artistic renditions. I think what she actually looked like is beautiful enough.


I picture her like this:
She surely is a most beautiful mother.
Aren’t we lucky?!:thumbsup:


I see her having dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin–very middle Eastern. But above all, for some strange reason, I can picture her smile. It would just be so lovely, so infectious. I focus on that smile. It would light up her whole face, her eyes. That what I picture Mary like. I can see her as a young woman, and her smile would make everyone around her smile. I don’t know why this is, it’s just something weird about me, I guess.


She’s shown herself in many forms over the centuries, and for good reason; so that she can belong to all kinds of people of all cultures.

But me? I don’t know about appearance specifically. I’ve assumed she is so unbelievably gorgeous that laying eyes on her causes hearts to race and knees to buckle (as she is the most beautiful woman in the universe, not even to speak of the power of such holiness).

Her face I suppose I’ve wondered at more. I figured that if I was ever lucky enough to look her in the eyes without giggling shyly like a kid, I would see that her face was of purest beauty concealing the most profound wisdom possessed by a human being.

Though I also imagine seeing a glint of hurt in her eyes too honestly…


She invites me in for tea in the late afternoon and Jesus joins us for chit chat and He provides some spiritual direction. The amazing thing is how He can provide the most profound and personalized advice and insights in the fewest possible number of words.

Before He heads out for His tavern ministry at the end of the work day.

Nice people.

Joseph is there too and he just chuckles and gets a kick out how amazed people are at Jesus.



Here is my blog about the picture, “The Annunciation,” by Henry Ossawa Tanner.

John, Florida


I know this statue is apparently from Medjugorje, and I’m not sure about the apparitions cause they aren’t accepted by the Church, but…I kind of picture Mary like this:



Yes, I’ve seen this picture before and was particulary moved by it. A great being of light suddenly appears to a young Jewish girl and announces she is to be the Mother of the long-awaited Messiah–the expression on her face and the posture of her body catch all the fear and awe and confusion that event might bring. Not to mention the humble surroundings, which are in stark contrast to the surroundings the Messiah might be expected to be born in. If I were Mary in that picture I might be considering either hiding my face with my garments or crawling under that rug on the floor!


Well, I have a statue of Our Lady of Fatima… that is quite beautiful.

But I’m certain… that my puny intellect can’t even begin to get close to her true beauty. I’m sure that she is far more beautiful, than I can imagine.



There is a condensed description of Blessed Mary’s appearance in the book ‘The Mystical City of God’. There is no doubt in my mind that this book is as real as it gets, as is the description of Blessed Mary. I could expand further, but it would not be proper. I will tell you, her hair is a light brown, and not dark. Her face is loving but stern, and very serious.



These are a few of my favorites! The last one is not a painting, of course!


Hi. We have have a beautiful 4’ statue of our Blessed Mother. It is so beautiful to look at. She has her hands reaching out her head is tilted down with her foot stopping the serpeant. The artist did an absolutely excellent job. When I look at it I see love, kindness, warmth, understanding, Goodness. She loves all of us. I also am reminded that she is so very strong. Godbless you all.


A statue of our Blessed Mother which has been blessed by a Priest has far, far more spiritual significance than most people realize.

FAR more.


[quote=ashka]There are tons of paintings of her, depictions, and now some alleged photos…how do you picture our Blessed Mother Mary?

I love the fact that in just a few decades (hardly any time at all, next to eternity), God willing, I’ll be able to see for myself!


If you look at the artistic renders you see how she is a mother in so many different cultures and lands. There is the Black Madonna of Poland her beautiful face scarred by the sins of men, Our Lady of Guadelupe pregnant with our Lord, the etherial Renaissance Madonnas of Botticelli, Our Lady of Fatima in a bright halo of light from heaven, the very Jewish Maria Morgenstern in The Passion contending with Satan as her son walks to Calvary.



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