Just a funny Mass moment


I know there is a million of these threads but I had to share.:smiley:

Last night, after the last song, this little girl who had been with her family for the baptism of her baby sister goes, after we finished singing the final “He is the Lord” said “Yay!” She even timed it just right:D so that it was right after we stopped singing. She was precious.


now that’s a joyous Christian!


I love seeing baptisms!

A few weeks back, there was this adorable little boy who was baptized at my church. The priest used his hand to cup water from the baptismal font and poor it over the boy’s head. The little boy started laughing and tried to dive into the baptismal font. Wanted to take a bath, I guess. Just the pure look of delight on his face was precious.


Ah…to have the faith of a child! God is good, praise His holy name!


During Mass last Sunday, after our priest said “in heaven with the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the aposltes and sainnts”, a little boy right next to me asked his mother “Mommy what’s heaven?”

I could not stop smiling.


The older daughter of the family that sits in front of us at Mass is 18 months old and is learning new words every day. One of her recent words is “amen,” so she has LOTS of chances to use her new vocabulary at Mass! It is wonderful to hear her say, with great gusto, “AMEN,” and always at the appropriate time!



Wow, I wish our son did that :slight_smile: Maybe one of these days he’ll add it to his “church words”!


I love this thread! Kids make my day at mass, it’s hard for me to understand why some churches prefer you don’t bring them or go to a cry room.


Saw this thread and had to share with you all a funny one that happened about two weeks ago.

My wife and I were sitting in the pew with our daughter who is 2, almost 3, and naturally at this age she is learning new words and saying new things all the while picking up on things she sees…

At the start of mass we had the 4th degree Knights of Columbus process into the church wearing full regalia…When my daughter saw them come walking closer, she turned very quickly to my wife and I and exclaimed very excitedly, “Look Pirates !!!”… I know I was turning beet red from trying to hold in my laughter !!! LOL!!!

Now that I think about it, I guess the feathers on their chapeaus might make them look like pirates to a small child…


The parish I attend is very lucky when it comes to this…I’m in a very small town but out church parish has a large percentage of young people with small children who attend…

Our priest about every other Sunday, after he gives his final blessing, stops and thanks God for the sound of the little ones in the church…Whether they’re wiggling, screaming, crying or talking, he tells everyone that it is a sign that the parish is alive and that these sounds are the future of the church that are growing today !!!

It makes every parent, including myself, take a huge sigh of relief and puts a smile on all of our faces !!! (Especially after a trying day!!!) Even the older members are very loving about it…

Many churches, no longer have the sound of little ones making their noises, “growing” as I say…very sad in some instances…


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