Just a question about ghosts?


If ghosts exist like soo many people say and im one of them,ghosts get seen many years after they die,now i thought ghosts were in a form of purgatory,but how can somome stay in purgatory for that long?..and you cant come out of heaven…can you?:hmmm:


I live opposite a Further Education College and,a while ago,some men were working in the building at night.They reported hearing strange noises and seeing people in old-fashioned clothes.Apparently,the College is built over an ancient graveyard.
In addition,i have heard that,if you go underground at Glasgow
Central Railway Station,you will get similar experiences.I must say i have never linked this to people being in Purgatory.Neither do i buy the sceptical argument that it is all in the mind.That theory is used too often by people who can’t come up with a logical argument against the existence of ghosts.


well actually paranormal investigation is one of my hobbies. i have been on several ghost hunts and have loved it. i have photographed countless beautiful orbs and also two apparitions in one photo. one of a young woman and another of a little boy. both pretty clear to see. so i believe in them because i have proof of them. but i cant explain why they are here. i asked a priest if it was a sin to be interested in this stuff, he told me God made us curious by nature and there was nothing wrong with it as an investigation or a hobby. I think there is something to it, some link between it and purgatory, but again i cant explain it.


…but how can somome stay in purgatory for that long?..

I would speculate the time is not measured in purgatory in the same way in which we measure it on earth. Purgatory is an adjunct of heaven and heaven is in eternity.

‘With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.’ - 2 Peter 3:8


We are responsible for everything that we did in life. If one is guilty of murder or even multiple murders, and repents, they will most probably be spending a mighty long time in Purgatory (IF they get in at all).


It may not be just folks in Purgatory. It may be that their sentence as the condemned is to spend part of eternity wandering amilessly or in torment around where they sinned or did their wicked deeds.

Or it could be demonic possession in the guise of humans from the past.


Time is relative.

I recall reading a story from the lives of the Saints about a holy monk who became very ill and prayed for death. Since he was very pious, God sent his guardian angel to him with a proposal. God would either answer his prayer for death and he would spend three days in purgatory before going to heaven or he would live another year offering up his suffering for his sins and go straight to heaven upon his death.

The monk took the first option and found himself in purgatory. When his guardian angel went to visit him, the monk complained bitterly asking why he had been forgotten reminding his guardina angel that the agreement was that he was to spend only three DAYS in purgatory and he had already been there for several YEARS.

The angel replied that he had been in purgatory for only one HOUR. So intense is the suffering there that one HOUR felt like several YEARS.


There is a theory: that ghosts r manifestations of the devil, who tries to fool people into thinking they r “lost souls” when actually they may be either demons or people who may be in Hell…
I don’t know what to believe, but i lived in a house once that had manifestations… I found out after i moved there that satanists had once lived there… i had the house blessed by a priest & the weird phenomenon stopped.


Whatever your beliefs on ghosts, I highly suggest you pray for every ghost you encounter. I firmly believe they are souls from Purgatory who have no one to pray for them. They “haunt” certain places and things to get the living’s attention to pray for them.

So, you see a ghost, hear a ghost, or whatever. . . pray for that soul. And as for Satan, oh, he loves it when you do that.


I would love to know the name of this saintly monk…just so i could read about him!


Although, I’m not sure who that saint is, there is a book out called “Purgatory: Explained By The Lives and Legends of the Saints.” In this book are many examples of the living having encounters with souls from Purgatory.




This one is the theory that I believe


Contrary to popular belief, ghosts are not necessarily “spirits of dead people.” I don’t doubt that some ghosts are souls who are on a visit on Earth, but other ghosts have always been supernatural beings–for the same reason we have always been humans. I tend to refer to such ghosts as just “spirits.” They are, by the way, the ones you’re calling when you’re playing with the Ouija board or when some psychics attempt to “contact the dead.”


There’s a website somewhere - I think even one of Karl Keating’s articles links to it - that shows different types of ghost encounters - ranging from a spirit in purgatory, to a loop in the the space-time contiuum (think Civil War ghosts) or even a “memory” or recording in space-time, to malicious ones.


Check out the Ask An Apologist forum.

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thanks for reminding me that they could be souls in Purgatory trying to get our attention…
I believe the experience i had was something demonic but that doesn’t mean all such phenomenon is from the devil…
God bless…


Can you comment further on this?


:bigyikes: Speaking of ghosts, anyone ever hear stories about black dogs?


Re: Civil War ghosts

A lot of Civil War reenactors claim they’ve seen some awfully odd stuff on Civil War battlefields, and in old houses around battlefields. They’ve walked through doors they found out later had been walled-up for a century, seen wards full of suffering soldiers, run into people with uniforms that were just too darned authentic. And so on.

Do they actually see these things? Are they seeing ghosts, or are they seeing the actual past? Or are they walking in some kind of collective dream? Heck if I know. But my dad, who’s pretty reliable as a witness, swears up and down that his frat house (once on the Underground Railroad) had a ghost in it and everybody knew it. They didn’t worry about it; whatever it was, was friendly.

OTOH, I also had a friend who decided her dorm was spooky enough to need a ghost legend, and made one up about a crazy murderer in the basement. Sure enough, people started to report odd basement happenings. :slight_smile:

I will say that I’m probably not the person to ask, as I’ve been to all kinds of ghostly places and never seen nada. Nor am I particularly disappointed by that.

But whether or not ghosts have anything to do with souls of any kind, it never does any harm to pray for people or even things. And if it’s demons, they won’t like it. :slight_smile:

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