Just a quick prayer for a loved one


this is a request for a loved family member undergoing testing for the cause of a physical and/or mental illness. Please keep my intentions for her in your prayers.

Chris :slight_smile:


May the Lord bless and keep your loved one and all your family. I hope for the best results from this test. May God grant you all the strength you need during this time.


Father, please give this lady strength, show her your mercy, and guide her physicians in trying to find the cause of her illness. Amen.


I will pray for your loved one…



Praying for your loved one that-JESUS give her the strength she needs to go through the testing without anxiety.:gopray2:


Lord help this woman Chris’s friend as she is going through medical and psychological testing . LORD let your hand calm her and let her be totally well and healed from this illness that ails her by your mercy and grace , thank you LORD , in the name of Jesus , John


God bless your friend now and always.


Praying for your family member.


Will pray for your loved one.


Will keep your loved one in daily prayer…


Praying for your loved one.


Praying for her…


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