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I was just wondering if anyone knows if a nun can combine 2 of her favorite saint's names to be recognized as? Such as: Maria Magdalene, Maria from the St. Maria Goretti & Magdalene from the St. Mary Magdalene.
Please answer if you can! So thanks & bye! :)


My guess is it would depend on the customs and rules of the order.



Most communities of Nus today utilize the Baptismal name of the person. Such as Sister May Frances O'Connor, as an example.

Some cloistered communities do provide names, but those are generally picked by the community. In some cases, you may be given a choice of 2-3 different names.


It would depend on the community. Some always have Mary in the name, of course Maria would probably be fine there. Some don't change their names. If their do change their names, they usually have to submit three options for the major superior to choose, so you don't have absolute say in the matter. That being said, my name is Sister Rose Therese and our Vocation Director is Sister Agnes Joseph. :)


My friend in the Sisters of Life took the name Sr. Talitha Guadalupe. The name comes from the centurian's daughter who was healed by Jesus and obviously Mary. Here are the names of the other sisters who took their first vows in 2010.

The newly professed Sisters: Sr. Fiat Marie, Sr. Bernadette Therese, Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei Sr. Maria Anne Michela, Sr. Talitha Guadalupe, Sr. Hosanna Christi, Sr. Bethany Madonna, Sr. Joan Marie, Sr. Amata Filia, Sr. Catherine Peter

You can view their picture here. sistersoflife.org/latest-news-2


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