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I have been exchanging ideas with a JW; he offered me some videos and a book about the imminent “end of the world”. We have reached the beast, or as he calls it THE EIGHT AND LAST WORLD POLITICAL POWER: THE UNITED NATIONS.

According to this doctrine, the United Nations are the last and eighth power of the world.

My question is does any body know any theories, based in biblical principal, about the United Europeans Nations, or the Nation of Islam?


For theory research only look up Non-Catholics Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, John Hagee, etc


Ricardo, please be careful when reading their literature or watching their videos. They are full of biblical, what should I call it, incongruence?? and false teachings.

If you are a strongly catechized Catholic, by all means, do it, but be cautious. Their literature is misleading.


One of the biggest flaws in the theory of theirs is that the UN is not even a power. It has no power to pass laws. To be a real power they have to be able to force their will on other nations, the cannot do this. What forces will they use? The UN Peace keepers?


1984 The Jehovah’s Witnesses made sure, in 1984, that no one else would be able to top their record of most wrong doomsday predictions. The Witnesses’ record currently holds at nine. The years are: 1874, 1878, 1881, 1910, 1914, 1918, 1925, 1975, and 1984. Lately, the JWs are claiming they’re out of the prediction business, but it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. They’ll be back.

1994 After promising they would not make anymore end time predictions, the Jehovah’s Witnesses fell off the wagon and proclaimed 1994 as the conclusion of an 80-year generation; the year 1914 was the starting point.

2012 New Age writers cite Mayan and Aztec calendars that predict the end of the age on December 21, 2012.

2060 Sir Isaac Newton, Britain’s greatest scientist, spent 50 years and wrote 4,500 pages trying to predict when the end of the world was coming. The most definitive date he set for the apocalypse, which he scribbled on a scrap of paper, was 2060.



I think thats where the anti christ comes in, he would be the influencer, and would change the UN or whatever to a different form than it is now, because he always changes things to his own way as he cannot create anything fresh, just abuse whats already there.

So in that light its not accurate to say its a flaw I guess, just one of the what is it 3 theories? pre, mid, post :slight_smile:

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