Just a weird Pondering :D


Ever ponder what Pentecost must have been like? I don’t know why, but i’ve been since last night and this morning, really REALLYthinking about it, to the point wher eit’s made me sick :smiley: but that is just the obessiveness from my OCD condition, they say :slight_smile:

In other words, I truly wonder what it must have *felt *like to be touched by God’s Spirit, in body and soul, and suddenly know how to speak a foreign language fluently. It must have been a dramatic experience, emotionally; physically perhaps too. it’s like, all of a sudden st. Peter or another just knew how to speak the language; there obviously were no past memories of learning experiences, only, the knowledge was just there, “injected” by God I gather. Amazing.

Or perhaps is this not what happened? Were the apostles simply speaking their Aramaic but the different foreigners miracluously heard their own languages coming out of them?


I have heard the second possibility suggested, but it doesn’t seem to equate with the description in Acts - it doesn’t say the crowds were touched by the Spirit so they could understand, but that the Apostles were.

But I’m not sure the Apostles actually “knew” the languages, either, in the sense of being able to go out an order lunch in another country. It’s more like they said what the Spirit told them to say, and in that case the words the Spirit gave them were in languages other than Aramaic, for the purpose of enabling the foreigners gathered in the city to hear the Gospel. Later on in 1 Corinthians Paul cautions those who have the gift of praying in tongues not to do so in the assembly unless there is someone there who has the gift of interpretation, so that the gift may be used for the edification of the whole assembly.

But to your original point of what it must have been like to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that He could actually use you in that way - amazing indeed!! :smiley:


Actually, I find it a thrilling contemplation! The very first Pentecost! Our Blessed Mother and all of the Disciples present. The house, is filled with a roaring wind… which can be heard outside, by people in the village. Who then, gather round the house… and out come the Apostles… who begin speaking “in different tongues, as the Spirit enabled them to proclaim.” (Acts 2:4). <Scripture says that they spoke in different tongues. So, I think that they found themselves speaking various languages.>

Then Peter, stands up… and speaks! “… and about three thousand persons were added that day.” (Acts 2:41)

How powerful Peter’s words must have been! Yes, we can read them in Scripture… but the reality of being there… as the words were spoken! WOW! :thumbsup:

And just think… that SAME Holy Spirit comes upon each one of us… at the Sacrament of Confirmation! Perhaps, when we’re Confirmed… there is a “tongue of fire” placed above our heads too? :shrug: Hopefully, we will find out… in Heaven.

Very sublime “pondering”. Thanks for starting it!


ooh I like your pondering!


So then, you’re saying the Spirit gave them knowledge of only the words they spoke that day, and those words only, so that others would believe. But it’s not like they could sit down and have a conversation fluently with one speaking Asia or Libya?

Sorry for my obsessivness :smiley:


That’s what I think.


ooh I like your pondering!

Me too! This gives me something to think about tonight! Thank you!


A little early, but maybe not, well worth pondering my friend. Yes, the first pentacost must have been quite an experience and event…


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