Just absolving, No Advice?


is it normal for the priest to give advice, or do you have to ask for it? Lotsa penances I do I wait for the priest to give me some advice after my confession, but he doesn’t… Is this something I have to ask for? or is this just how the personality of the priest is that day?? I get this bad feeling if I hold him up because I know he is busy and there usually are people behind me in the line(I go to the Cathedral)


Differs by priest - some tend in general to be quicker/less advice than others. If you have a particular query about something don’t be scared to ask, even if there’s a lineup - it’s his job to advise you if you need it!


I find its often a question of time.

If you are at a parish with confession only offered 4:00-4:45 Saturday (sadly, too common), and there are 30 people lined up at the confessional, the priest will want to absolve as many as possible. I’ve even had, in this situation, have the priest say, “Say the act of contrition after you leave the confessional.”

In such a situation, I, like many, I’m sure, feel a sense of obligation to hurry things along myself, for the sake of those behind me.

If you feel you really need advice, however, the priest will oblige you if you ask. If you find yourself feeling rushed often, you might seek out another parish that offers more frequent Confession, or schedule an appointment with your priest.


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