Just an inexperienced Catholic asking for advice on Saints


Okay so I am considering praying asking for intercession from a saint, but as a former Protestant, I don’t know how to go about that or which saint to address?
So my situation is I am going back to school after having my son and I’m doing well. My lowest grade on my transcripts is an A-… I am at a community college trying to apply to a local school which happens to be the only school in the area with my desired major.

However, I was expelled from my former 4 year University for two reasons 1. I was severely depressed and failed out and 2. I had a case against another student that I lost though I shouldn’t have because I backed out for my mental health (I would rather not get into specifics but basically I can sue the school if I wanted - I don’t because of the emotional trauma that occurred during the case).

I am in the application process for the new university, and I am getting anxious because I have waited longer than their standard waiting period to find out and I have contacted them and they are mostly unresponsive… is there any saint that I could ask to intercede mostly for my anxiety about this but also maybe even for a favorable outcome? Again, how do you go about this?

Sorry for how long that was! Thank you in advance.


Joan of Arc !


Former Protestant also. Think of it as just asking one of Yr fellow Christians to pray for you. That’s all it is but they have a bigger picture as they are with God. We don’t know what it looks like but they are closer to us then we know. I will ask St Gemma Galgani to pray for you. She went through a lot spiritually and is close to students xx


Just pray your normal prayers to the Lord and at the end say ‘st Gemma pray for me’. When you get further into it you can get into novenas etc it’s such a rich faith xxx


Also Saint Dymphna is traditionally asked for help with anxiety and depression. Just talk to her and ask her to pray for you.


St. Thomas Aquinas is a patron saint of students, and St. John Vianney and Blessed Solanus Casey both persevered despite having a lot of trouble in school. St. Dominic Savio is a patron of those who suffered injustice.

In order to pray to saints, you just say your regular prayers to Jesus and then say, “St. So-and-so (you can list more than one name), please pray for me.”
Simple as that…then you have friends backing you up.


Have you prayed the Hail Mary? That is praying for the intercession of Mary, the Queen of Heaven. Definitely pray for her intercession, and the Rosary as well!


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