Just an odd occurence

First I’m sorry I’m not here much, I have been trying to get my own spiritual house in order.
Today I took a short nap and awakened to the very strong smell of perfume. When I got up, the smell was gone completely and I could not find a source for it. I don’t recall ever having had this happen before and I immediately thought to check here.
I know the smell of perfume has been associated with certain saints, and with Our Blessed Mother, but believe me when I say, my spiritual house is far from being in any kind of order. (I am not being pious or humble by saying such, but quite truthful)
Has anyone had this happen?
Does it mean anything? Or just an odd occurrence?

I appreciate answers, but may not respond much for first mentioned reason.

Thanks and God Bless.


Yes, I have experienced a smell of roses on several occasions. I have also experienced other occurrences that I cannot explain with science. I do not think anyone can tell you what it means. For me it is the presence of Our Blessed Mother. I talked to my Priest about this and the other occurrences. I thought he would pull out a check sheet and answer all my questions; but, only God knows. I experienced so many occurrences (and I still do), that I wrote a book. I am not ready to market it yet, but I gave a copy to my priest.

My recommendation is to pray, pay attention, and document what happens.


And follow your nose; it’s the sense closest to your mind.


My friend, do you think that we only receive such signs or graces when we are perfect? Of course not, for none of us are, nor ever will be. Do we need the support more when we are struggling or when we are on that ‘perfect glide’?

I believe I have had signs or graces from God and our Blessed Mother while in a state that others might condemn, and at other times when I was in a state of grace; it helped ‘right’ my crooked path at times, and other times, reinforced my path.

I had a similar thing happen to me…I was praying for guidance if I was going the right way in my faith ie. returning to the Catholic church, wanting to pray the rosary. Then I also had this happen twice a heavenly perfume smell! It was baffeling and beautiful. I will never forget it. I know it wasn’t just in my mind because my husband smelled it too. I think it’s a sign, God trying to get your attention, Mary showing her love for you. :slight_smile:

I had this happen to me recently but it wasn’t perfume, it was a man’s cologne.

My hubby lost his job and I had to make an important phone call about my insurance. I was sleeping soundly but woke up from the smell of the cologne and realized the time was getting late to make my call.

I told my hubby when he came home that my father, who has been dead for over 30 years, had woken me up just in time to make the call. It must be signs from heaven to help us. Our deceased love ones are still watching over us and helping us.

My husband and I were taking an evening walk once, and I smelled the perfume that a good friend had worn before she died. My first thought was that she needed prayer.

I had a cool experience, where i was on my knees in my living room, praying, wishing i was in adoration(but i wasnt for practical reasons, i had gotten up at 12 at night). Then, suddenly, I get this huge smell of incense. I LOVE that smell btw i take a big whiff at mass lol. Anyways then a minute later I was shocked, sniffing the room, nothing. A month earlier a friend shared a similar experience with incense smells while in front of a saint grotto. :wink: these things are pretty cool!

As a matter of interest to anyone who smells Roses, this is the sign that St. Padre Pio has paid you a visit, as he always leaves a smell of roses . A friend of mine has great devotion to him and she gets this smell all the time.

I’ve smelled an odd perfume smell while praying sometimes too.

Thank you everyone.
I don’t know what the scent was, but I have hope.
God Bless each of you.

I believe I have mentioned this previously on this forum, but I will share it again:

Aside from those two events, I have frequently smelled floral scents (most recently this morning), as well as the scent of incense (seemingly “out of nowhere”).

During the two events above, I was in a state of mortal sin (I had not yet received my First Confession). I do believe that graces (or “signs”) from God and Our Lady do show while in a state of mortal sin to “right” our crooked path, as well as (of course) appearing when we are in a state of grace to reinforce our path. I, myself, have experienced both (“signs” while in a state of mortal sin as well as a state of grace).

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