Just An Update to This Thread I made


a while back. :slight_smile: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=152035 Thanks to everyone for your prayers. He has come back. He is trying very hard to get his little family started. We are very proud of him. Their baby is due Aug 28th. It’s getting close!
Another thing we did find out is that he had been using drugs. I knew it. A mother knows when something is going on! That would explain his erratic behavior and even violent moods. His girlfriend has become very close to us and she did tell me that he had been using cocaine. Imagine how I felt. I started tearing. I suspected he was using something but it’s still a shock to actually hear it. She said that he stopped and is no longer using. Where do they learn all this? ugh! I don’t even know anything about any type of drug?! I’m just thankful that he is not using anymore. Please continue to pray for him that he never goes back to that road.


I just caught up on the story of your son and his girlfriend.

I am very happy for you and your family, that he has come back to join the family and share in his responsibilities. Your continued prayers for him and his new family will be needed more than ever, and your help, when asked for, will be a Godsend also.

That “when asked for” part is going to be the hardest for you, as it is for anyone in any difficult situation with people we love and care for. Prayer and trust in God is what will help you through the forseeable future.

You’re going to have a new grandchild! :smiley:


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