Just as a curosity...are you...do you...?


How many of you…‘out there’ would consider your selves as ‘preppers?’ I am a semi-prepper. I keep extra gallons of water in a seldom used freezer. My pantry is well stocked. I have candles and flashlights.
Most of us now live in areas live in areas that can be adversely affected by strange weather. Or I have gotten up to find the city working on the water lines, therefore not water. Wind, rain or storms can and have disrupted power. As a mini- prepper I am in a good situation for a few days or more. However, I don’t and do not advise anyone to max out their cc in order to feel safe in any given condition. Your friendly government cares about you and does encourage everyone to have 3 or more days of supplies on hand. Do you? Open to comments, I am, I am.


Not really as such.My parents naturally were/are being on a farm.We used to do a major shopping once every two weeks,have two freezers filled with food and have an ample supply of firewood for the woodstove which they still use in their 80’s.
My power went out last week…and I didn’t even have candles! It’s something I need to do,stock up on certain supplies in case of emergencies.I don’t like shopping and hit the supermarket once a week ,have a deep freezer.


There’s no need to prepare. When the time comes, I shall disappear into the wilderness and live off the land.


I live where the threat of a big earthquake is constant, but I’m not very prepared at all. My condo is small, so not much room for extra provisions. I do keep some extra water and nonperishable food, but not enough. If disaster strikes, it would be better for me if it happens right after I’ve been to confession (in case I die) and to the grocery store (in case I survive). I imagine it will be a nightmare here in the city if I survive the big earthquake.


Ha! Our modern society would parish in droves if they tried to live off the land with most not knowing the difference between Poison Ivy or Virginia Creeper.
We would be like the survivors of the big hurricane in New Orliens sitting on a bridge waiting for rescue.


The last time there was this big warning about a hurricane coming through, I went and bought candles. As it turned out, my power was out for like probably a half hour max and I never needed them.

I’m usually not far from “civilization” and as a kid I remember times when the power would be out for several days due to bad storms. It wasn’t that big of a deal since our area did not flood or get severe tornado damage. I usually have some kind of food in the house as well.

I would likely worry about this more if I lived in a high-rise that was very dependent on electricity for stuff like door locks, elevators and other functions. Climbing down stairs from the 30th floor to go get water would be a bit of an issue.


Not a prepper, just prepared. We live in a more rural county. The power has gone out for 3-4 days at a time, although rare. We have enough of the basics for a week or so.


I take floods and hurricanes pretty seriously especially after Harvey. I don’t buy a bunch if bottled water, I just fill up as many pitchers as I can.

I find myself only slighy more prepperish now with kids. In the event of a plausable disaster I need my kids to be safe and fed. So I care more about gathering provisions than I did before. Still we aren’t stockpiling weapons or hazmat suits or packing bugout bags…if that’s what you meant.


Candles? There is no way I would use candles in an emergency. Those things start fires. A good LED flashlight can run 24+ hours on cheap replaceable batteries, and is 10 times more usable/versatile/portable than a candle.

I was shopping last week for my son’s camping trip and noticed that Walmart sells a 10-pack of LED flashlights, batteries included (replaceable AAA), for less than 10 dollars. They are not the best quality, but they are serviceable and not bad for the price. Also saw a lightweight headlamp for 6 dollars or so.


To answer the OP, I keep 20-30 gallons of water, but not in the freezer. We have a good bit of food, not like prepping for Armageddon, but more like stocking up when things are on sale.

When I lived in California, I kept a daypack by the door, stocked with a few essentials in case of earthquake.


No, I don’t. I am not.

Before Y2K I stocked up on emergency
candles and water. Never needed them.


We have a very large poly tank for rain water…which wouldn’t stand up to a grassfire very well and would become contaminated with ash very quickly .
It is nice to be fairly self sufficient ,but I don’t think I would last that long if there were a natural or man made disaster :slight_smile:


I am well stocked on food, and water. I also have an emergency kit with things like a radio and flash lights that are rechargeable with both solar and a hand crank. A good first aid kit, firewood, candles, a hurricane lantern, and a hand pump for my well.


The Government has advised that we have provision on hand for at least 3 or more days or more because they just can’t handle mass disasters. quickly. I started putting milk jugs full of water so that the freezer does mot run half empty… During the summer I try to stock up so that I don’t need to go out in the winter or in bad weather. I have candles but probably would only use them as a last resource. I keep snacks in that little drawer under the seat in the van in case I get stuck somewhere and needed a boost. Sometimes my sugar drops out. What I do is hopefully sensible. I don’t go to extremes or go bankrupt for a probable short or annoying event. Any other good ideas to share?


My mother was actually nervous about Y2K and stocked up on tap water from the sink. I told her nothing was going to happen. Which is what happened…nothing.


Yes, I think what our country has gone through since 9-11-2001 has been worse than any Y2K. Y2K was a dud.


So far, none of you have admitted to having a bunker or anything.

I’m sort of a slacker in my family as I’m the only one who doesn’t homestead. My sister does it because she is good at it and for sustainability reasons. She makes a bit of money off it too selling locally. My parents might be preppers. It’s hard to tell. My dad jokes about his apocalypse garden of medicinal plants. They have a pretty serious gate and security system around their land and their house seems awfully well-enforced.

Also I remember my mom getting pretty weird about terrorist attacks when we were younger and stockpiling plastic sheeting that she thought we might need to seal off our house in the event of a biological attack.:woman_facepalming:


Only cash. I keep $1000 on hand, not because of fear of crash of the financial system, but because of an interruption in the network supporting ATM/Debit/Credit Cards, or hacking of my bank accounts and I have to wait for it to get straightened out.

If it’s end times you’re talking about, the only prep that will be helpful is prepping my soul, and to be ready.


I also keep cash on hand in a fire safe, as well as several flashlights and battery lanterns. When the 1994 Northridge Earthquake happened here, we lost power for most of the day, and since our building has no emergency backup power, our hallways were pitch black.

When my son was a teenager we liked to go hiking and camping, so we have a few books on wilderness survival, like making a solar still for water and foraging for food. In reality, though, if I survive a disaster here I imagine I’ll be waiting in very long lines at the potable water truck set up by the Red Cross or National Guard.


National Guard, the Cajun Navy, or ordinary citizens!:heart:

The Red Cross came under a lot of scrutiny here during the flood.

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