Just back from a trip to Utah

I dropped a son off at BYU-Provo and a daughter off at BYU-Idaho. I had the chance to attend the BYU-Northern Iowa game, met many wonderful LDS kids including my older son’s new fiancee. She is a returned missionary and has two returned missionaries as roommates – they were great kids. I attended the Catholic mass in Orem. They were using folding chairs and meeting in a gymnasium, but I still enjoyed it. It was a little rough kneeling on the gym floor, but my old knees survived. I also attended sacrament meeting twice – once with each son in their different BYU wards. Then we went to Rexburg. I have to say it was a wonderful time, and I now understand a little more of why I was so impressed as a young non-member BYU student, impressed enough to join the LDS Church. The Mormons must do something right to have such impressive young people.

On a sadder note, upon my return I learned the 25 year old son of one of my assistants at work had died of a massive heart attack. Apparently he had an enlarged heart just as the marathoner Ryan Shay did who died last year. The funeral mass was very beautiful. We all live on borrowed time.

Sad to hear of the death. :frowning:

Also sad to see that UNI lost. :frowning:

However, welcome back. :cool:

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