Just Back From Iraq and Wife No Longer Wants to be Married


Brothers and Sisters in Faith. I’m on my knees asking all to pray for my family. I have 5 children whom I love with all my heart, and a spouse whom I also love with all my heart.
The day I arrived home, my spouse of 18 years told me she no longer wants to be married to me, and she wants me to leave the house. I know I have had failings, not being attentive, not lifting her up as I should, but dear GOD I have never abused, her or the kids. I want to reconcile, but she is adamant that she doesn’t.
I’m talking to a Priest, but I need prayers for my marriage, I need help to pray for GOD’s will…not what my will is.
Oh dear God, help me…my toes are dipping into the darkness, I’m alone, my wife was my best friend, my kids are my world, I’m not perfect but I"m not a bad man. My heart is aching, my spirit is weak, darkness is pulling at me, I can’t cry anymore, I’m numb.
Please pray for my wife, my kids, and finally please pray for me.
It’s hard enough to be in Iraq and come home to adjust, but to be hit with the end of all that I love on the day I return…I feel hopless, desolate, dead.
My login means ready for battle. What that means is I’m praying that I can fight the fight to save my marriage, I will battle to do anything to show my love for my wife and family. Oh dear God I love my wife and kids…please have mercy on me, and give me your grace.
Thank You Brothers and Sisters in Christ.


Welcome to the board. Great to see that you returned home safe, but very sorry about your present situation. I pray that your marriage will be saved and I’ll pray for your family also. :gopray2:


Thank you for your service to our country. I will pray for you and for your family. God Bless you and thank you.



I am definitely praying for you. I am going through the same thing. NEVER give up on your marriage, and no matter how bleak it seems, nothing is impossible with God. Always stand for your marriage and family. Continue to pray for your wife, family and marriage. Love, even when don’t feel like it. Pray the Rosary, and will remember you when I say mine. May God’s peace be with you.


I’m so sorry to hear that you have to endure this pain. You will be in my prayers - hopefully she is just reacting from you being away, and now that you are truly home she will be willing to work on the marriage.

Thank you for your sacrifice - it sounds like it may have been more costly than you imagined. I am so sorry for that. :frowning:



Thank You, thank you. I will be steadfast in prayer, no matter how hard things are. I am moved to know that I’m not alone…although it feels so much that I am alone. I’m suppose to be a strong man, but I can’t help but to feel weak…I’m on my knees daily begging for God’s grace.


My best friends wife left him when he was serving in Katrina.
I pray she will mature and realize what bonds she built and how important it is for your children she keep her vows. Don’t let this tear you apart as it will smooth out eventually in Gods will and time, not hers.
I’ll keep you in my prayers along with my several friends that are currently serving and the one that just went back.

“Pray constantly……” This tireless fervor can come only from love. Against our dullness and laziness, the battle of prayer is that of humble, trusting, and persevering love. ----CCC ¶2742

John Paul II, Letter to US Bishops, 1993


Thank you for your service. I appreciate your sacrifice.

I will keep you in prayer and say a rosary for your marriage.


You will be in my prayer intentions. I’ll take your concerns to mass with me today.


I will remember you in my prayers everyday. :gopray2: Welcome home from Iraq.:slight_smile:


You all know how important you are to me–God Bless You all and thank you. I will keep you in my prayers as well. Words can’t express my gratitude for those of you are praying for me. You have helped save me from my darkest hour…I will not let my childen be without their father–Thank You.


I’m talking to a Priest, but I need prayers for my marriage, I need help to pray for GOD’s will…not what my will is

Saint Rita, Saint Rita, Saint Rita, Saint Rita, Saint Rita

Help this man.

Don’t lose hope. My marriage is proof that miracles happen, and I owe it all to the intercession of St. Rita.


**You and your family are in my prayers!:gopray2: **


God Bless you RDY

We pray your family’s hurting can be healed by God’s love and show everyone involved the gift of a loving father and husband and family. We pray you and your wife can seek the counseling, or assistance needed to bring you both back together.

Think of it as an op order of love. Take each step necessary to bring you closer to her. You have a great attitude and no matter what the outcome, you will be successful. God Bless.


RDY4BATL, I will be praying for you in my daily intentions.

That said, you noted you said you weren’t “perfect”. I can’t tell if that’s a generality (like we’re all not perfect), or if there’s perhaps something that still needs to be resolved by you in order to heal your marriage. If that’s the case, I will pray for strength for you to discern this as well.

God bless,


Praying for you brother. I’m glad you are here with us. Tim


Thank you for the tremendous courage in fighting a brutal and unforgiving enemy. I will pray for you and your family.


Praying to St. Michael the Archangel to help fight the spiritual battle, and for the intercession of Pope John Paul II for the healing of you and your family.

God bless you and yours,

~~ the phoenix

:knight2: :gopray2:


There are no words to express the sorrow I feel for you. I will add you and your family to my nightly rosary. Thank you for your service to our country and I pray that God may heal your family.


My sincere gratitude goes out to you for your service and for doing what I cannot!

You seem like a very amazing husband and father and I cannot express enough how my heart breaks for you.

Will offer up your intention during my holy hour.

Stay close to St. Joseph and our Lord in Adoration.


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