Just bought a new Nativity Scene! (Picture)


Just picked up a new Nativity Scene from Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, MI. It is a 5" Fontanini.

I thought the variety was interesting -- they make everything from the Baptism in the Jordon to the Resurrection.

Happy New Year everyone!


Gorgeous!! :)



It's just lovely! Does the Baby Jesus come out of the manger?




Yes, but he is rubber-banded in right now!

Anyone else have a picture of their Nativity scene/creche that they could share?



[quote="Verbum_Caro, post:4, topic:181530"]
Yes, but he is rubber-banded in right now!


That must be some kind of sin - detaining Him against His will - false imprisonment - something! :eek:



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