Just bought our first MREs -Meals Ready to Eat


I just bought some emergency survival supplies, including MREs.

I don’t know why but I have a huge knot in my stomach.

I know it is for the best to be prepared for an emergency, but the whole idea of the unexpected is quite scary. :frowning:

I just got tired of constantly having “watch” the shelf life on canned food I put aside for an emergency.

Sigh…I hope we will never have to use it.

Has anyone else bought these?


I’ve never bought them but I have ate some MRE stuff before. Needless to say, it was fairly tasty though the only thing I remember eating was the crackers and peanut butter and also bread I think.


No, we’ve thought about it though. As a funny story, however, my husband’s father, when moving his parents (they are in their mid-nineties) found a room in their very large basement full of metal food cannisters sealed tightly and marked with expiration of the late 1970s (this was three years ago). He popped one open and found raisins. He kept opening them and found all sorts of food in there, all for the purpose of emergencies and specifically bought in case of nuclear attack. My SIL sampled some of it…and said it was totally edible and still tasty. Crazy!


I have been researching MRE’s all day. It is amazing that some people really take advantage of those who are trying to prepare for their families! Some will take older MRE’s and package them with newer side dishes, etc and then can sell them as “new”. One place was selling the exact same kit as I got for over $50 more!

Dishonest people really tick me off.

They are supposed to last a really long time, although not as long as freeze dried food.


Where did you buy yours from?


You do reallize that MRE’s have a limited shelf …right? They are only specced for 3.5 years.


I haven’t bought any MRE’s but do keep enough stuff such as Spam, Vienna sausage and crackers in the pantry to get me through a week or so without power. Since I eat the stuff anyway and rotate it when replenishing my supply, I really don’t have to worry about expiration dates.


I play a paintball-type game called Airsoft with my friends and sometimes when we do all day games we get the MRE’s to eat. They’re delicious, I’ve had about 10 different kinds or so and all have been really good.

I get them from the local surplus store for about $5 each.


The MREs are based on a very high caloric intake per day, and unless doing strenous work, should be used for more than 1 meal. (I think 3000 cal.)

They can cause constipation if you don’t have enough to drink with them also.

Just from what I’ve seen with the reserves.


never bought them and never will…I used to date a guy that was in the Armed Forces…and helet me try one once…they are GROSS!


Actually they are 1000-1200 cal per meal.


Just what I was going to say. Do NOT eat more than one a day unless you’re fighting in a war or whatever. The calorie and carbohydrate contents are very high.

My husband’s in the military and we’ve eaten our share of MREs. They’re pretty awful in my opinion, unless you do substantial doctoring up (spices, sauces, etc.)

But if you keep them for real emergencies, they can be lifesavers.



Meyers Custom Supply


The ones I purchased will last 100 months at 65-70 degress (basically basement temp.) it would last longer in colder conditions.


I bet they are mighty tasty if you are hungry!! :wink:



Well, that was the thought behind getting them. With two kiddos too, they are in need of something that has a good calorie count but not just from sugar.

I figured if we are in a real “pickle” then we can spread out the meals a bit. We could use what we have in our pantry first and then rely on the MREs as back up.

I don’t know why it has been on my mind so much, but honestly I couldn’t help but get them. It just gives me some peace of mind.

As far as the taste, from what I understand the Sure-pak ones are quite good. Regardless, I have heard stories of people eating bugs to stay alive and I figure in case of an emergency, anything has to taste better than bugs! :wink:


Are they real MREs prepared for the military? How much did you pay for them?

You ought to open one up and taste it. They are pretty cool stuff. A number of years ago, I had some MREs that a friend bought at an Army commissary. I think they cost $7 or $8 back then at the commissary. I opened them to show kids at a school where I was subbing. The 4th grade boys were pretty amazed.


M.R.E. = Meals Ready (for the) Enemy!

Yup, they’ll last 50 years… as long as a “Twinkie”, but probably not taste as good…

I’ll chew on tree bark before choking down another friggin’ MRE… to quote “Crocodile Dundee” - You can live on it, but it tastes like sh*t…

Tip … If you stuff the meat packet down the exhaust stack of a “deuce&1/4” for a minute or so, get it warmed up, then blip the throttle and blow it out… Good Eatin’!!
(if you catch it before it hits the dirt… and you don’t mind the diesel/petrol “flavor enhancement”… but it’s still hot food!.. Those little Tobasco bottles you’ve saved up come in handy… They’ll make Amoco, BP, Citgo, … taste like Momma made it!

It’ll keep you alive, give you hope, but it ain’t food. It’s substanance… calories(fuel) for the machine.


Why are you all spending your hard earned on buying these MRE’s?

Are you preparing to survive some sort of disaster situation? If so what do you have in mind?


I doubt that…
from what I recall of them hungry or not I will not subject my family to that smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/10/10_1_136.gif …sorry!:frowning:

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