Just Can’t Let Go ❊ ♥ Back Again

WASSUP amazing Catholic friends? cheers

Long time no see! Life got busy- I was working not one, not TWO, but THREE jobs! Leans against wall, like poor afflicted Job of the Bible

Nah, it wasn’t so bad! Learned a lot, and met a ton of awesome people! And in that time, I also grew closer to the church, finally. I was inches, centimeters from joining.


Then the most recent scandal broke.
The Pennsylvania abuse.
And I feel awfully bad about letting that affect me, affect my feelings about the Church.

After all, there are some WONDERFUL folks in the church. :blush: Some really incredible people. (Many of whom I’ve met on here!) And I know that the three priests in my small town church are very, very kind.

But still, I withdrew. Though even as I did so, I couldn’t help loving the church, being fascinated with it.

I still sneak my way in, when mass Isn’t going on, to pray, (After first shyly peeking in to make sure the pews aren’t occupied…once, the door almost squished me when I let go of it in surprise, upon seeing a man seated inside. :flushed: I can only imagine what the poor fella thought!)

I still donate twenty dollars, whenever I get paid, and write a little note, “Lots Of love peeps, keep up the good work. You give so much to this community.”

And I mean it. Every word.
But I just…can’t bring myself to join the institution.

I hope this doesn’t insult anyone! These are more my rambling thoughts, than anything- my respect is great for all those good people in the church.

What were your thoughts, when the scandal broke?

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I think it’s beautiful, that so many have managed to use these events to strengthen their faith, rather than harm it! :heart: Bless you!

I can’t help but feel kind of bad for Pope Francis, because he does seem like a gentle ol’ soul. But his remarks (Or um, lack thereof surprised me…) So I do understand why many feel he should resign.

I think my first thought was, “Here we go again…”

When I first started looking into Catholicism, I watched the movie Spotlight. It sort of forced me to work through how to approach Catholicism in light of great scandal before even deciding to become Catholic. So as heartbreaking as the news was, it didn’t really shake my faith.

I think I also watched Calvary around the same time. It’s told around the context of priestly abuse but with a much more sympathetic view of priests. Sure, the priests in the film are far from perfect, but they’re still good people and an important part of the community. It sort of keeps things in perspective, especially considering how it is one of the good priests who suffers for the crimes of others.

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Those are some good points! I’ve seen Spotlight , but haven’t seen Calvary - sounds like it has a balanced perspective, I’ll hafta give it a watch!

I think a lot of movies focus solely on the offenders, without any mention of the good priests out there.

I’m glad that your faith wasn’t shaken! That’s inspiring! and also, congrats on your entering the Church! :sunny::sunflower: :blush:

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My own faith and relationship with Jesus in the Real Presence through the Catholic Church isn’t affected by other people’s sins, no matter how grave. Everybody sins; some people sin big; and priests committing bad sins has happened all throughout history, as reflected in all kinds of history books and saints’ writings. It’s sad for the victims, for innocent priests who suffer guilt by association, and for guilty priests who are endangering their own salvation as well as harming others, but it has nothing to do with my personal relationship with God, which is best developed through the Catholic Church, where the vast majority of priests I interact with are good and holy and have never been accused of anything.


Sadness and anger.
But I worship Jesus, and not an institution.:heart::pray:t2:

It’s good to hear from you. I’ll remember you in my prayers and have a blessed Lent (starting tomorrow)

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Those are some very good points, as well as wise words to remember! Your faith is beautiful. :heart:

The good priests I’ve encountered have definitely given me hope! :blush: I’m still shy around em’ (Just because I’m still not used to a Catholic environment in general I think) And I see em’ a lot in passing!

“Wherever you feel the spirit leading you,” One priest said, serenely, as I apologized for my, um, fickleness.

They’re so nice! And it makes me awfully sad that recent events have made it difficult for the good fellas out there! :sunflower::disappointed_relieved:

I’ll meditate on your words. It’s true that the point of the faith is God, and not the institution itself!

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Bless you, and thank you! :blush: Gosh, I’ve missed these forums, the peeps here! There are so many wise and good people here, full of good advice.

Oh! That’s right! Lent is going on…! (Or will soon be!) :blush: I may try to give up coffee- couldn’t hurt, right?- Even though I’m not Catholic. :coffee: (The coffee obsession is real)

And, despite all my reservations/anxieties and avoiding joining, etc. :heart: Somehow, I always find myself drawn to the great Catholic community! :blush: I’ve decided, regardless of if I join or not, to keep it close! :synagogue: There’s so much wisdom to be found~

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