Just changed my mind about God

Starting to think God isn’t a cold entity who just laughs at misfortune, last night I was almost t-boned. Took a left and a motorist came out of nowhere and almost nailed me.
Made me think, man that was all my fault, God had to be watching out for me.
Also starting to think the church may be right about guardian angels. I bet mine wanted to smack me upside the head for scaring him like that.
Made me think of all the times I laughed at the misfortune of others as a source of free entertainment and well, I just barely escaped ending up as street pizza.
Now there’s this little nagging voice in the back of my head that’s making me feel bad about all that.
Think next time I go to mass i’ll look at the huge crucifix they have a little differently.
Speaking of crucifix the nuns wanted me to get one, think i’ll do that today.

Yes, see a priest immediately. You just had a beautiful conversion moment.
God came to set us free from our sins. The sin of Adam was not that he did not believe in God, but that he thought that he could be like God, that he did not need God.
If we did not need not God, there would have been no need for our Lord to have died on the Cross for our sins.
A poster that hung in a retreat center where I used to go read, “God loves you just as you are but too much to let you stay that way.”

Wonderful to hear :slight_smile:

Found this pic comical for what you were saying about Guardian Angels

URL if pic does not work: flickr.com/photos/chinara_butler/13410663544/

Hi flufflepuff,

I am so happy, that you didn’t get hit, and that you weren’t hurt, too!

When you do get a crucifix to wear, don’t forget that you can ask your pastor/parish priest to bless it for you. :slight_smile:

God bless you!

Ment one for the wall, i’ve never been one who’s much for neclaces.

Happy to hear that you weren’t hit, my wife was in a similar situation a couple weeks ago, so I have an idea of what it must have been like for you… so frightening…

I’m also happy to hear that you’re warming up to God ^^

Not ending up as street pizza sure makes you see things differently.

Oh, I am sorry for the misunderstanding about the crucifix. You can still have it blessed by your priest, though. :slight_smile:

If needed go to confession to start a fresh start with God,say a certain rota of prayers daily and go to mass eaxh sunday (or Saturday evening)

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