Just coming to Orthodoxy, Scared with questions

Hi. I’m actually a recent convert to Christianity in general from Unitarian Universalism, Wicca and New Age. However, I have been seeking God (admittedly for quite some time, there, in all the wrong places) for a very long time, and have never settled for anything less than the truth. Now it comes to Christianity, I look at the various sects, remember Jesus saying “A house divided against itself shall not stand” and realize, "Hey, one of them has to be the right one."
Catholicism has simply had the right answers just about every time I’ve heard them give one.
But I got turned away at the door.
Now the (Vicar? Pastor? I’m new, please be patient with me) had his reasons-- I was asking to join the church when, in two years time, I’m supposed to be moving (God willing) to a bigger city to pursue my career in Graphic Design. So with me leaving, he didn’t think it good to make me a part of that particular family.
But I’m scared out of my mind! I have mortal sins on my soul and no one to confess them to!
I’ve read the scripture, and I know I’m not Protestant. I’m still researching Greek Orthodoxy, but they say some things that seem against scripture to me, so here I am again, scared out of my mind. "Catholicism is right, I need to get to confession."
He also told me that I might as well go back to the church I came from because all protestant churches were simply “reformed catholic churches”.
What on Earth do I do?


Find another parish and inquire there. It normally does not take 2 years to become a Catholic, that should not be a factor. Also, if the Pastor is telling you such things, I would be concerned about what you would be taught in their RCIA classes.

Good luck on your quest.

this website has many resources that can & will help you answer many of your questions. the Tracts and books & forums here are a great resource.

The Catechism & Catholic Encyclopedia are two great resources & places to begin.
I agree with previous poster that you check another parish of better yet call the local dioceses offices & ask them whom you can speak to or seek out to become a Catholic. They should be able to assist you.


Dear Marturion,

Perhaps you misunderstood the pastor. It seems he was only concerned about your parish membership, not your membership in the Catholic Church - some priests prefer a candidate for RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) to complete their formation in one place. Talk to him again, and ask about enrolling in RCIA. Don’t even mention that you might be moving later on (of course, don’t lie that you will NOT be moving). If you cannot find a local parish that will accept you into their RCIA program (not very likely), contact the diocesan office (the bishop’s office) to ask about enrolling in RCIA classes. RCIA gives you membership in the CATHOLIC CHURCH, not a particular parish (though you will be expected to belong to a regular parish).

If you are willing, give your location to the people here in this thread, and they can help direct you to a local parish or the number to the diocesan office.

As far as your sins, if you are sincere about joining the Catholic Church, be assured that God will not hold it against you for not having had a chance to confess directly to a priest at this stage in your faith journey.

I hope that helps.


I agree that it would be a good idea to let us know where you are (you can do it on the forum or by privately messaging someone). We should be able to find a priest who will help you. I think this is something that Catholic Answers supports also. The Coming Home ministry does a lot of work in this area. God will bring you to confession and full absolution of all your sins – he knows your plight. Just stay patient and persistent.

Find another Catholic parish near by and ask for an appointment to discuss becoming Catholic. Or you can call the Catholic diocese and ask where to go. Moving or not make no difference you can start Inquiry where you are and continue RCIA after your move. You are seeking to join the CATHOLIC Church, not Fr. John’s church.

Welcome!..Go to another parish, there is no reason you can’t start an RCIA…it doesn’t take 2 years…in the meantime, start reading the Bible, get some DVD’s and CD’s of Fr. John Corapi and/or Fr. Cedric Pisegna…get some Catholic books and read up on our religion.These two priests have been inspirational to me, I am a convert too…Keep praying to Jesus Christ so that you don’t fall victim to "wicca "“religion” or new age ****…those will lead to the path of satan…God Bless you and Jesus be with you…www.frcedric.org

There is no fear of my reverting back to any of the prior religions. As I stated, I don’t settle for anything less than the truth. Wicca proved itself wrong in the fact that magic doesn’t work and even when it seems to, it’s usually just self-induced delusion. Divination was so dangerous, I gave it up WHILE I was a wiccan. New Age had so many holes in it it’s not even funny. I have been reading the bible for about three or four years now, and that’s why I feel so strongly about Christianity, and Catholicism. The truth is always self-consistent, and any time I’ve ever thought the Bible to be inconsistent with itself, it’s proven that it was just my perspective being off or a lack of information. These days when I don’t understand the Bible, I just automatically give it the benefit of the doubt and wait to be illuminated.

If anything, I’m more likely to debunk the religions of my past, and somewhat well prepared to do so. I’m educated, a talented writer, but I have to hold back, because if I’m accepting Catholicism, then it is obvious that I need more training and learning before I can even consider something like apologetics.

My location is Pensacola, Florida. I’d be extremely relieved to receive help on the matter of finding a pastor. Like I said, I’m scared of this whole process-- the fear of Catholicism is ingrained here. We’re taught to laugh in your face and run away plugging our ears singing “La la la”. There are about ten to fifteen times as many protestant churches in this area as there are Catholic ones. But yeah, help would be great. And you’re absolutely right, I have to continue doing my research. Especially Greek Orthodox vs. Roman Catholic-- but like I said, Roman Catholic just keeps hitting the nail on the head. That’s why I went to see that pastor, and why I’m here now.

Thank you so much, everyone. I was so relieved by your responses, and you have in fact strengthened my faith.

Keep knocking and it will be opened to you. Or even try a another Catholic parish if you can.

I’m not familiar with the Catholic parishes in Pensacola, but just browsing the Catholic churches there, I have a hunch that St. Mary’s would be a nice place to go. St. Mary’s 401 Van Pelt Lane

I agree. That looks like a good parish to try. Some of the leaders of the ministries will be helpful also. The Legion of Mary coordinator, for example, should be a great resource – that group specializes in outreach to others and they will be familiar with your interests in the Catholic faith.

Just wanted to say “welcome home”. I too am a convert from neo-paganism and it seems you and I had similar thoughts and experiences along the way. Bless you for seeking and finding the truth. :slight_smile:

So… I guess I should probably stop confessing my sins directly to God?

No – you should definitely continue. Through that means you receive forgiveness from God until you are able to receive sacramental confession.

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