Just confirmed!

As of tonight, I have been welcomed into full communion! :extrahappy::heaven:

Glad to be home!

Congratulations! And indeed, welcome home!



 I pray that your faith only continues to grow and delight you!

My the love of our Lord be your strength and his Mother’s mantle thy protection


Welcome home! :cool:

welcome home

Congratulations! You must be fair to busting with excitement!! I’m happy for you, and can hardly wait to hear more about it! As I get nearer to my own confirmation I’m starting to feel the same jitters I had before I got married. I want to hear all the beautiful happy details from others who passed through this beautiful rite. Spill! :wink:

Welcome Home!!


It is so wonderful to hear that one of the Sheep returned!!

When I was confirmed, I was so happy with God that for a week or so I thought…I would never sin again :smiley: It’s a wonderful time, indeed! I especially loved the laying of the hands during the Mass. Also, receiving Holy Communion after Confirmation felt so special…I thought: today I am receiving at once the Son and the Holy Spirit!

who is your patron saint?

Welcome home loozcannon, God bless you! May the seven gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord (Is. 11:2-3) be your guides on the way of becoming a true soldier of Christ.

Congratulations and welcome home!!



Well I wasn’t due to be confirmed until Easter 2013, like the rest of my class. I’ve been attending this parish now since Feb last year, and began RCIA probably around mid March (really just informal sessions during my inquiry phase), then the “official” curriculum started around August, if memory serves. Since then, I’ve been a sponge; reading, studying, talking with others, these forums. A job opportunity came up, as I’ve been looking to relocate, but AFTER Easter if I could help it. The job I landed wanted me there quicker than expected, so I’ll be moving really soon. I kept the instructor and my priest in the loop, and when I had a set in stone start date, they went to the bishop and recieved his permission to confirm me before I left.

As for the Mass itself, oh boy! It was small, only 8 of us showed up. But all the important people that I really wanted there where there. During the laying on hands, I felt like I was floating. Almost a free fall feeling, though I knew I was grounded. Then came communion.

I was hyping myself up and I expected this big outpouring of the Holy Spirit to come sweeping in. I was just so nervous and excited, as you said, it’s almost like the jitters before a marriage ceremony; my heart was pounding, I was hyper-focused. So finally it comes time to recieve the Lord and I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess it up. I’ve read before you’re not supposed to chew it; more of resting it on the tongue and let it dissolve. I tried that, until I made the mistake and pressed the host up to my palette of my mouth, where it stuck like glue… :eek: I was trying not to make it obvious, so I recieved the blood and used it to get it unstuck. Thankfully, that worked.

The whole duration of the Mass I was just so nervous that I didn’t notice if I’d felt anything after Communion. Just happy. I did notice after I’d gotten home and the excitement died down that I just felt calm and at peace. I’m already thinking of going to Mass this evening so I can recieve our Lord again!

So, I hope that helps you out. And by the way, the Saint I chose is in my signature block. :wink:

Any more questions, feel free to inbox me. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I remember my confirmation, April 18th 2012. I was the same way, like reallly hyper and nervous, but i remember every detail of the night. The only sad part was the night before i had a research paper due that I hadnt finished.

You and my dad have the same Saint. I helped him choose Him when he went through RCIA when i was in 2nd grade

Wow! Congratulations! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord give you peace, wisdom, strength, and courage.

Congratulations on your Confirmation and I hope you will remain with God’s blessings!

I am to be Confirmed on Holy Saturday and it doesn’t seem far off now, and I am getting excited :slight_smile:

Congratulations! May the good Lord continue to guide you on your faith journey.


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