Just curious "mission or mother" Church


I’m just curious how many of you belong to a Mission Church of your Mother Church? Our Parish has 2 Churches we belong to the Mission Church. We don’t have the office, rectory or hall like the mother Church does.


Over the course of 15 years (before we moved here) the parishes around us had consolidated from four to two due to both decreasing parishioners and priests. We attend one church while the rectory and offices are at the other church.


We have 5 small Catholic Churches within a 30 minute drive of each other. MY WORST fear is that some day they may be narrowed down to 1-2. Even though small they are very much supported by devout practicing Catholics.


We moved out into the countryside ten years ago. Our nearest Sunday Mass is at a retreat center, a 15-minute drive from our home. It’s the pastor who celebrates Mass there; his own parish church is a further 15-minute drive from the retreat center. We have never yet once been to Mass in the parish church!


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