Just curious... some questions for Advent

Hello all!

In the interest of generating a little Advent reflection, I thought I’d post here and ask a couple of questions.

First off, how do you all approach the Advent season? Specifically, what kind of devotions, traditions and practices do you observe in Advent to help you prepare for the approaching Christmas season?

Secondly, especially for those of you living in the U.S. and Canada, do you carry on your Christmas celebrations throughout the entire Christmas season, or are things pretty much “a wrap” :stuck_out_tongue: on 26 December or by New Year’s Eve at the latest?


I try to listen to a lot of Advent meditations (EWTN has a lot of these), go to confession (difficult as I am homebound), try to get my family to focus on Advent and not Christmas during Advent.

My wife & I Celebrate the full 12 days of Christmas.

Hey, I’m new at doing Advent, so i was wondering if you are allowed to put up Nativity Scenes during Advent.

Many do including the Vatican. The 'Baby Jesus" figure is usally left out of the display until Christmas

We have a Nativity scene up, but the manger is empty. Also, Mary and Joseph are currently upstairs, making their journey to the Nativity. Every night before bed, my daughter (7 yo) moves them a little closer.

It’s fun and it keeps in our mind the Holy Family during Advent, rather than Christmas this early.

God bless,


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